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American Cruise Lines Career Opportunity for Newly-Licensed Masters with Minimum 25 Ton License & Pilots for Operating Launches as Junior Mates

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American Cruise Lines is an all-American company and the leader in the small cruise ship industry. We have a fleet of 13 modern river boats and cruise ships that is rapidly expanding at a projected rate of two new vessels per year. To support this, we have immediate need of entry-level mariners to serve as Junior Mates aboard our ships. 

Junior Mates are entry-level shipboard officers reporting directly to the Mate and responsible for safe vessel and launch operations, adherence to company and regulatory standards, and representing the company as a professional leader and example. 

Our Junior Mates are licensed mariners with basic maritime training and keen interest in gaining experience in challenging U.S. coastal and river waterways.  

We are looking for:

  • Newly-licensed mariners with a minimum 25T Master license
  • Pilots capable of operating our launches – 25-45’ center console T-vessels
  • Highly motivated individuals looking to develop their maritime experience with a dynamic and rapidly growing company

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Junior Mates - Roles & Responsibilities

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Our Junior Mates are team-oriented, self-disciplined, and hands-on workers. Junior Mates work alongside Deckhands and Engineers completing maintenance, sanitation, and logistics tasks.  Junior Mates operate and maintain our 35-50 passenger launches. Our Junior Mates are people-oriented professionals and meticulous officers, in service to our guests and as examples to our crews.

Benefits & Career Development

American Cruise Lines offers competitive pay and benefits, along with comprehensive professional development programs.  Mates enjoy comfortable onboard stateroom accommodations and chef prepared meals.  American Cruise Lines operates our own bridge simulator, enabling rigorous recurrent training and development focused on critical decision-making and advanced piloting skills. American Cruise Lines recruits and retains the best professional mariners in the industry.


  • Safety and Security of the passengers, crew and launch
  • Safe launch operations, adhering to company and regulatory standards
  • Comprehensive daily inspection of all vessel interior and exterior spaces
  • Supervision and Development of Deckhands
  • Execution of Vessel cleaning, sanitation, maintenance, and logistics
  • Teamwork with Hotel Officers and Service Crew ensuring five-star guest service
  • Administrative documentation of launch operations, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Supervision of safe, secure, clean, and comfortable onboard environment for passengers and crew
  • Typical March-November Season 4-6 weeks on : 2-3 weeks off

Qualifications Required

  •  U.S. Coast Guard Master’s license: minimum 25T, desired Master’s 100T and Mate’s license 1600T
  • Mate experience on coastal and river waterways:  minimum 2yrs, desired 5yrs with Z-drive experience
  • Self-disciplined work habits and personal grooming
  • Good communication skills and team skills
  • Pre-employment drug test and continual participation in random testing
  • Must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19


  • Competitive salary
  • Health, dental, and vision plans available
  • Matching 401(k) plan available

The application on the website can be found here: https://www.aclcareers.com/

Disclaimer: We do not conduct job recruitment for American Cruise Lines. Please contact the company using the above link(s) and apply direcly.

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