Best Maritime, Logistics & Supply Chain Programs in Western Europe


Here in this section you will find maritime, marine, logistics, port, supply chain management education and training opportunities in Europe categorized in four sections namely Western Europe, Northern Europe, Southern Europe and Eastern Europe. If you are looking at an opportunity to get trained in your chosen field in Europed, this section will provide you great insight on various options available around Europe.In Western Europe (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands), the Celtic Seas include the English Channel, the Irish Sea, the Celtic Sea and the waters west of the UK and Ireland. This has long been a busy shipping area, with most merchant ships traveling east-west. The north-south routes connect the English, Irish and French coasts. Since the 1970s, the North Sea has been Europe's main offshore-oil-extraction site. The EU’s three biggest ports - Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg - are situated on the North Sea coast. The region is also home to most of the world's maritime organizations and service providers. Read more on Western Europe..

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Top Maritime, Logistics & Supply Chain Programs in Northern Europe

baltic sea

The Baltic Sea is a sea of the Atlantic Ocean, enclosed by Scandinavia, Finland, the Baltic countries, and the North European Plain. Northern Europe consists of the following countries - Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, EstoniaLatvia & Lithuania. This section deals with the best schools in the region for maritime and logistics education & training. Most of the courses are conducted in English along with the native language. Read more on Northern Europe...

Best Maritime, Logistics & Supply Chain Programs in Southern Europe

mediterannean sea

The Bay of Biscay and the Iberian Coast stretch from southern Brittany to the south of Spain. It is part of the route connecting the English Channel to the Mediterranean and Africa. he region is the cradle of Europe's maritime power. The EU has almost 40 000 km of Mediterranean coastline. The world’s leading tourist destination, the Mediterranean is also a major shipping channel, with almost a third of all international cargo traffic passing through it. This section deals with Southern Euopean countries which offers maritime and logistics education & Training in English. These countries are Greece, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Malta & Turkey. Read more on Southern Europe..

Top Maritime and Logistics Education and Training in East Europe

black sea

Black Sea is still the most popular tourist destination for people in nearby countries. But more significant is the large volume of traffic passing through the area - both people and goods, including gas and oil on its way from the Caspian Sea. East Europe consists of the following countries - Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Russia & Ukraine. This section deals with the best schools in the refgion for maritime and logistics education & training. Read more on Eastern Europe...

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