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Latvia - Maritime, Transport, Engineering, Logistics, Management

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TRANSPORT AND TELECOMMUNICATION INSTITUTE | UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES | AT RIGA, LATVIA - Transport & Business Logistics Education and Telematics & Logistics Research in Riga, Latvia - Founded in 1999 and a history dating back to 1917, Transport and Telecommunication Institute (Transporta un sakaru institūts - TSI) is the largest university-type accredited non-state technical higher educational establishment in Latvia.

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LATVIAN MARITIME ACADEMY (LMA) AT RIGA, LATVIA - Navigation, Marine Engineering, Marine Electrical Automation, Port and Shipping Management Programs at LMA Riga Campus - Founded in 1789 and Located at Riga Latvia, Latvian Maritime Academy (LMA - Latvijas Juras akademija) is the first and only institute in Latvia to provide higher maritime vocational education and training for the maritime industry on a regular basis.

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NOVIKONTAS MARITIME COLLEGE (NMC) AT RIGA, LATVIA - Merchant Marine Education and, Training for Maritime, Oil & Gas and Wind Energy Industry Professionals in Riga, Latvia - Located at Riga Latvia, Novikontas Maritime College (NMC) is a private educational and training institution offers maritime training programs for those who work at sea or plan to start carrier at sea. All STCW required courses, College and upgrade programs for Navigators and Marine Engineers available.

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MARINE TRAINING - FORMERLY LSC MARINE TRAINING - RIGA, LATVIA - Able Seamen and Motormen Training Programs in Riga, Latvia - Founded in 1990 by Latvian Shipping Company and located at Riga Latvia, Marine Training (formerly LSC Marine Training) offers training of seamen and motormen for the maritime industry. Lectures, exercises on simulators and practical exercises are taught by lecturers who are in maritime business for many years.

You may also check Estonian & Lithuanian Programs

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ESTONIAN MARITIME ACADEMY AT TALLINN AND SAAREMAA, ESTONIA - Maritime, Port, and Marine Engineering programs and, Professional Training for Seafarers in Tallinn and Saaremaa, Estonia..

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REVAL MARITIME SCHOOL (REVAL MARINE & OFFSHORE TRAINING) AT TALLINN, ESTONIA - Marine Training, Offshore Oil & Gas Safety Training, and Wind Power Onshore/ Offshore Safety Training in Tallinn, Estonia..


KLAIPĖDA UNIVERSITY AT KLAIPĖDA, LITHUANIA - Naval Architecture, Seaports Engineering & Management Education in Lithuania..

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LITHUANIAN MARITIME ACADEMY (LMA), KLAIPEDA, LITHUANIA - Navigation, Marine Power Plant, Maritime Transport, Port and Shipping Finance, Port and Shipping Management Programs at LMA Klaipeda Campus..

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KLAIPEDA SHIPPING SCHOOL, KLAIPEDA, LITHUANIA - Able Seaman, Motorman, Marine Cooking, Welding and, Port Logistics Training Programs in Klaipeda, Lithuania..

Online Courses

Maritime & Logistics

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THE EUROPEAN ACADEMIC AND INDUSTRY NETWORK FOR INNOVATIVE MARITIME TRAINING, EDUCATION AND R&D (KNOWME), EU - Free Online Maritime and Logistics Courses from Leading Institutions in European Union..

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