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Maritime & STCW Training Online

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SQLEARN ONLINE MARITIME TRAINING - Online Liberian Registry Approved STCW Certifications and ABS Certified Maritime Training Programs for Seafarers Worldwide - Established in 2006 and located in Piraeus, Greece, SQLearn offers specialized Maritime Safety training programs approved by the Liberian Registry. Courses include STCW Basic Training Refresher Online, Other STCW Training Programs Online, ABS Certified Maritime Courses Online and more..

Online Maritime Security Training

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MCA APPROVED STCW AND ISPS TRAINING & CERTIFICATION ONLINE – VIRSEC - MCA (UK) Approved STCW & ISPS Security Awareness (PSA), Designated Security Duties (DSD)Ship Security Officer (SSO), Crowd Management Courses and Maritime CPD Training Online - Founded in 2016, VIRSEC is an award-winning e-Learning company located n Manchester, UK. VIRSEC Specializes in the delivery of regulatory, bespoke, and accredited online course.

Online Career Oriented Int'l Trade Programs

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INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ACADEMY (ICC ACADEMY) - International Trade and Trade Finance Certifications and Professional Designation from ICC Academy - ICC Academy offers a wide range of specialized e-learning courses and online certifications for trade professionals worldwide.

Maritime and Nautical Science Programs - College Level


BARCELONA SCHOOL OF NAUTICAL STUDIES (FNB) | UNIVERSITAT POLITÈCNICA DE CATALUNYA (UPC) AT BARCELONA, SPAIN - Marine & Nautical Engineering; Intermodal Transportation; Logistics & Supply Chain Management; and Shipping Business Programs - Founded in 1769, The Barcelona School of Nautical Studies (FNB) is the oldest maritime and nautical educational institution in Spain. It offers an appealing array of courses and an ideal environment for learning.

university of cantabria small

UNIVERSITY OF CANTABRIA (UC) AT CANTABRIA, SPAIN - Marine, Maritime and Nautical Engineering & Maritime Business Education and research Programs in Cantabria, Spain - Founded in 1972 University of Cantabria (Universidad de Cantabria - UC) is located in the self-governed region of Cantabria, which lies on the northern coast of Spain between Asturias and the Basque Country.

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UNIVERSITY OF LA LAGUNA (ULL) AT SAN CRISTÓBAL DE LA LAGUNA, SPAIN - Merchant Marine Programs for Electortechnical, Marine Engineering, and Navigation Professions in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Spain - Established in 1792 and located at the Canary Islands, University of La Laguna (Universidad de La Laguna - ULL) is one of the oldest universities in Spain. The main campus of our university is located in the city of La Laguna (Island of Tenerife).

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UNIVERSITY OF A CORUNA (UDC) AT A CORUNA, SPAIN - Naval and Ocean Engineering & Nautical Engineering and Maritime Transport Education and Training Programs in A Coruña, Spain - Established in 1989 and located at the Galician city of A Coruña in Spain, University of A Coruña (Universidade da Coruña) is a public university which imparts cultural, scientific, technological and professional knowledge through the development of research and teaching.

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UNIVERSITY OF OVIEDO AT GIJON CAMPUS, SPAIN - Marine and Nautical Engineering, Maritime Technology and Maintenance and, Maritime Management at the University Marine and Civil School in Gijon - Established in 1574, University of Oviedo (Universidad de Oviedo) ) is a public university in Asturias, Spain with seven campuses spread over the central region of Asturias - Oviedo (El Cristo, El Milán, Llamaquique, Catalanes and Oviedo-Centre), Gijón and Mieres.

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UNIVERSITY OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY (UPV/EHU), PORTUGALETE, BILBAO, SPAIN - Nautical Science and Maritime Transport, and Marine Programs for Merchant marine in Bilbao, Spain - Established 1980, University of the Basque Country (Universidad del País Vasco - UPV/EHU) is a public university of the Basque Country and offers over 60 Bachelor´s Degrees, over 100 official master programs, over 40 professional & expert diplomas and over 70 PhD programs.

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UNIVERSITY OF DEUSTO (UNIVERSIDAD DE DEUSTO) AT BILBAO, SPAIN - Maritime Management and Law Postgraduate Program in Spain - Established in 1886, University of Deusto is a private coeducational Jesuit university located in the major coastal cities of Bilbao and San Sebastian (Basque region) of Spain. The University of Deusto, through its Centers and Faculties, and in coordination with the Postgraduate Academic Unit, now offers more than 80 degrees in 8 specialist subject areas.

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INTERNATIONAL MARITIME BUSINESS SCHOOL (IMBS), SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE, SPAIN - Online Maritime and Port Management Programs, and Higher Level and Technical Marine Courses in Spanish - Located in Santa Cruz De Tenerife in Spain International Maritime Business School (IMBS) is a virtual school (online distance) specialized in the maritime, port and logistics sectors.

Logistics & Supply Chain - College Level

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ZARAGOZA LOGISTICS CENTER (ZLC) AT ZARAGOZA, SPAIN - Logistics & Supply Chain Management and Engineering Education & Research - Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC) is a research institute established by the Government of Aragon in Spain in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Zaragoza. Zaragoza Logistics Center participates in several national and international research and educational initiatives.

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EAE BUSINESS SCHOOL, MADRID, SPAIN - Masters Program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Madrid, Spain - Founded in 1958, EAE Business School specializes in higher education, with tuition programs including the Executive MBA, Masters and Bachelor Degrees and more than 73,000 directors and executives have trained at EAE.

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BARCELONA EXECUTIVE BUSINESS SCHOOL (BEBS), BARCELONA, SPAIN - Executive Masters and Professional Development Programs in Logistics & Supply Chain Management - Located very close to city center in Barcelona Spain, Barcelona Executive Business School (BEBS) is a private educational institution founded with the objective to train executives in an international environment.

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AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA (UAB), BARCELONA, SPAIN - Masters Program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Barcelona, Spain - Established in 1968, The Autonomous University of Barcelona (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona or UAB) is a public university and is amongst the 200 best universities in the world within the main university rankings and is located within the top 10 new universities with greatest international projection and prestige.

Maritime, Offshore & Logistics Training

centro jovellanos 50

CENTRO JOVELLANOS, GIJÓN, SPAIN - Sea Survival, Navigation Simulator, Fire Fighting, OPITO, GWO, STCW and Other Training Programs in Gijon, Spain & Online - Located at Gijón in Span, Centro Jovellanos (Maritime Safety Centre Jovellanos) implements, develops and designs comprehensive rescue and maritime safety training systems that are high quality, specialized, certified, innovative, and sustainable to ensure the most remarkable levels of professional training.

escola home

ESCOLA EUROPEA - INTERMODAL TRANSPORT, BARCELONA, SPAIN - Maritime, Logistics & Intermodal Operations Training & Port Logistics and Supply Chain Courses in Spain - Established in 2006, Escola Europea - Intermodal Transport is a European training center for education and training in Intermodal and logistics.

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STIER TRAINING CENTRE, GRAN CANARIA, SPAIN - OPITO, GWO and STCW Training Programs for the Maritime, Offshore & Wind Energy professionals in Gran Canaria, Spain - Founded in 1994, Stier Training Centre in Gran Canaria has trained over 2,500 international students. Licenses and certificates are approved by the Spanish Merchant Marine, the Maritime Authorities of the Dominica Registry and Commonwealth.

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TOTALHSE, NAVARRA & ANDALUCIA, SPAIN - GWO Approved Safety and Emergency Training Programs in in Cárcar, Navarra & Sevilla, Andalucía in Spain, San José in Costa Rica, and San Bernardo in Chile - Headquartered in Cárcar, Navarra in Spain, totalHSE is the first training provider to offer all training standard courses certified by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO).

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Maritime, Boat & Yachting Professional Training

bluewater yachting small

BLUEWATER YACHTING, ANTIBES (FRANCE), PALMA (SPAIN) AND FORT LAUDERDALE (USA) - MCA, RYA and USCG Maritime Training Programs in Antibes (France), Palma (Spain) and Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA) - Bluewater offers a wide-range of courses from STCW to Masters 3000, AEC to Y2 qualifications and all levels of the GUEST program in Fort Lauderdale as well as in Antibes and Palma.

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SEASCOPE MARITIME TRAINING, PALMA DE MALLORCA, SPAIN - MCA, STCW & RYA Yacht, Cruise Liner or Ferry Maritime Training in Liverpool, Antibes and Palma - Established in 2004, Seascope Maritime Training is a maritime training center specializing in commercial MCA, STCW & RYA training in Liverpool, Antibes & Barcelona.

zephyr small

ZEPHYR YACHTING, ANTIBES FRANCE & BARCELONA SPAIN - RYA, MCA & Marshall Island Approved Training Programs in Yachting and Recreational Boating in Antibes France & Barcelona Spain - Based in the yachting hubs of Antibes, South of France and Barcelona Spain, Zephyr Yachting provides both the professional and pleasure yachting training.

escola port small

ESCOLA PORT, OLÍMPIC, BARCELONA, SPAIN - Professional Navigation and Maritime Training, STCW Courses, and Recreational Boat License and Sailing Programs in Barcelona - Located at Port Olímpic in Barcelona, Escola Port is a Nautical School with two offices in the same area, one in the Olympic Village and the other in the Port Olympic Moll de la Marina 11 with classrooms and boats.

barcelona sea academy small

BARCELONA SEA ACADEMY, MARINA PORT VELL, BARCELONA, SPAIN - IYT Superyacht, PWC, RIB Master, Superyacht Hospitality and Radio Courses & STCW Training in Barcelona - Located at Marina Port Vell in Barcelona Spain, Barcelona Sea Academy provides IYT training courses, Superyacht Commercial Endorsements, boat charter and other specialist services in Barcelona.

yacht point small

YACHT POINT, BARCELONA, SPAIN - STCW Courses and RYA Approved Theory & Practical Yachting and Sailing Classes On Class and Online in Barcelona, Spain - Based in Barcelona Spain, YACHT POINT provides theoretical and practical classes that will allow you to obtain official qualifications to sail.

palma small

PALMA SEA SCHOOL , PALMA DE MALLORCA, SPAIN - Yachtmaster, Day Skipper, STCW Maritime Safety, Sailing, Motor, Powerboat, Engineering, Theory, Specialist Short Courses, and Own Boat Tuition in Palma de Mallorca, Spain - Located at Palma de Mallorca in Spain, Palma Sea School is a recognized RYA and MCA accredited training provider.

deep blue sea training small

DEEP BLUE SEA TRAINING, PALMA DE MALLORCA, SPAIN - RYA Approved Yachtmaster Training, Recreational Boaters Courses, Professional Yacht Crew Programsand Instructor Courses in Palma de Mallorca, Spain - Established in 2014 and located at Palma de Mallorca in Spain, Deep Blue Sea Training is a fully accredited RYA Training Centre providing RYA courses for leisure and recreational sailors as well as professional seafarers.

sea factory alboala

LANCE LEE INTERNATIONAL BOAT BUILDING SCHOOL, ALBAOLA, SPAIN - Three Year Apprenticeship Diploma in Boatbuilding Program at the Sea Factory of the Basques in Albaola, Spain - Located at Albaola in Spain, the Lance Lee International Boat Building School uses the apprenticeship educational methodology is based on experiential learning in an international environment.

blue oyster sailing 50

BLUE OYSTER SAILING, BARCELONA PALAMOS, SPAIN & GIBRALTAR - RYA Practical & Theory Courses, MCA Approved STCW & Master/OOW yacht Programs and Other Sailing Courses in Barcelona Palamos Spain & Gibraltar - Based in Gibraltar and Barcelona, Spain, Blue Oyster Sailing delivers training for Professional and Leisure Seafarers, Sailing Holidays, Charter Yachts and RYA Courses & intensive Fast Track Sailing Courses for students from around the world.

gib sailing school 50

GIB SAILING SCHOOL, ALCAIDESA MARINA, SPAIN & GIBRALTAR - RYA Sailing Courses from Start Yachting to Yachtmaster and Charter Holiday in Spain and Gibratar - Located in Alcaidesa Marina in the Spanish Side of the Straits of Gibraltar, Gib Sailing School, just short walk away from Gibraltar and just over one hour drive from Malaga and Jerez airport, provides a range of tidal sailing courses to cater for all levels from your first time sailing to Yachtmaster.

ina 50

INTERNATIONAL NAUTICAL ACADEMY (INA), IBIZA, SPAIN - ISSA Certified Sailing Programs and International Boat Licenses in Ibiza, Spain - Located in Ibiza, Spain, International Nautical Academy (INA) is an ISSA (International Sailing School Association) certified sailing school. The school offers sailing courses for beginners to experienced professionals looking to get your advanced Master of Yacht Offshore or Ocean.

sea school costa blanca 50

SEA SCHOOL COSTA BLANCA (SSCB), ALTEA, SPAIN - Powerboat Training programs with ICC License & Super Yacht Crew Training in Altea, Spain - Located in Altea, Spain, Sea School Costa Blanca is a Royal Yachting Association Recognized Training Center. All our RYA courses are conducted in English.

pro sea school 50

PRO SEA SCHOOL, DENIA & PUERTO BANUS, SPAIN - IYT Approved Yachtmaster & Bareboat, Flotilla, Powerboat and Day Skipper Training & Other Courses in in Denia & Puerto Banus, Spain - Headquartered in Denia, Spain, PRO Sea School is an official IYT Sea School in Denia & Puerto Banus in Spain.

sovren 50

SOVREN NAUTICAL ACADEMY, PALMA & BARCELONA, SPAIN - STCW, RYA, Superyacht and Other maritime Training Courses in Palma, Barcelona and Virtual or Online - Established in 2013 and headquartered in Palma, Spain, SOVREN Nautical Academy provides nautical training solutions for professional superyacht crew in both Palma and Barcelona.

pronautic barcelona

PRONAUTIC TRAINING CENTRE, BARCELONA, SPAIN - STCW Compliant Maritime Courses, Recreational Training Programs, STCW Update Courses and Packaged Bundle Courses in Barcelona - Located in Barcelona with two training locations, Pronautic Training Centre is a center approved by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine (DGMM) complying with the standards of the STCW Convention.

barcelona watersports 50

BARCELONA WATERSPORTS, BARCELONA, SPAIN - RYA Sailing and Powerboat Training Programs, Boat Trips & Rides, and Sail & Motor Boat Charter in Barcelona, Spain - Located in Barcelona Spain, Barcelona Watersports is a Sailing school and provides Internationally recognized English speaking courses in the center of Barcelona.