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Marine, Maritime and Nautical Engineering & Maritime Business Education and research Programs in Cantabria, Spain

university of cantabria

Founded in 1972, University of Cantabria (Universidad de Cantabria - UC) is located in the self-governed region of Cantabria, which lies on the northern coast of Spain between Asturias and the Basque Country. The university is organized in 14 schools. The university offers undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degree programs in sciences, humanities, medicine, nursing, economics and business to name a few.

UC is a founding member of Group 9 of Spanish Universities (G9) and was selected as Campus of International Excellence by the Spanish Government in 2009. Since its creation in 1972, it has provided university education for more than 40,000 students. The UC has been awarded the Erasmus University Charter for the period 2014-2020 and has over 200 agreements with European Universities for Erasmus program.

School of Maritime Engineering (ETS de Náutica) offers both undergraduate and master's degree programs in maritime studies and student can go on to the doctorate programs in several areas including nautical, marine, and radioelectronics. In addition, the school also provides various courses and continuing education programs. The programs are conducted in Spanish with many courses available in English.

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Academic & Training Programs

Bachelor Degree Programs (4 years)

  • Degree in Marine Engineering: This program trains professionals to become engineering officers on commercial ships and luxury yachts. The ETS de Náutica has excellent teachers, resources and facilities to train professionals.
  • Degree in Nautical Engineering and Maritime Transport: This program trains student to become pilots and captains of ships, both in the transport of goods and luxury superyachts. In addition, with It also possible to work in professions such as maritime rescue, administration, maritime business, inspection in the industry.
  • Degree in Maritime Engineering: The program trains maritime engineers for construction, maintenance and repair of all types of ships, and they are responsible for controlling, managing or redesigning the propulsion systems and the technical and safety applications of the ship.

Masters Degree Programs

  • Master's Degree in Marine Engineering: Its main objective is to train in the knowledge and techniques to become Chief Engineer of the Merchant Navy. The program is taught in a blended format with a mix of virtual and classroom courses.
  • Master's Degree in Nautical Engineering and Maritime Management: It is a professional masters program with the main purpose is to obtain the title of captain of the merchant marine ship. The program focuses on ship management, primarily in the development of an integral system that combines quality, safety, protection and environmental management. The program is taught in a blended format with a mix of virtual and classroom courses.
  • Specialist Postgraduate Program in Maritime Business and Associated Logistics: Bergé, present in the maritime sector since 1870, and the University of Cantabria have reached an agreement to develop a postgraduate program called "Specialist in Maritime Business and Associated Logistics", with the aim of training professionals tailored to the needs of the companies in the sector. The program, which covers a wide range of subjects related to the maritime business and logistics, will be taught by experts from Bergé, with the support of the university's faculty.

Doctoral Programs

  • PhD in Marine Engineering, Marine and Naval Radio-Electronics: This PhD program offers in suitable framework for training professional in their fields and the purpose of this research program is to advance the knowledge in the marine, nautical engineering and naval radioelectronics area. The program can be fully integrated to European Higher Education Area and Bologna Process (EHEA) and the European Energy Institute (EEI). Main research areas of this program are Safety, transport, navigation, propulsion and maritime radiocommunications.

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