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OPITO, GWO and STCW Training Programs for the Maritime, Offshore & Wind Energy professionals in Gran Canaria, Spain

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Founded in 1994 Stier Group (Grupo Stier) played an active role as P&I Correspondents and maritime experts and represents the majority of the International Group P&I Clubs as well as several International Associations and Insurance Companies. Stier Training Centre in Gran Canaria has trained over 2,500 international students since 1994.

Licenses and certificates are approved by the Spanish Merchant Marine, the Maritime Authorities of the Dominica Registry and Commonwealth. The training programs are aimed at maritime and leisure shipping professional training. The courses are accredited by OPITO allows you to work or provide services in the offshore industry onboard platforms and related vessels.

Apart from these, the centre is also approved by the GWO (Global Wind Organization) recognized worldwide which empowers professionals to provide maintenance, repairs and services to wind farms on/off-shore.

The online Orbit Training allows access from any place and offers a wide range of courses with international accreditations with the Northeast Maritime Institute (NEMO), Wild Geese Group (WGG) and OPITO / ATLAS.

stier training centre

Training Programs

Maritime Port & STCW Courses

  • Pack 4x1 (4 weeks): Accredited courses to work on ships, ferries, shipping companies and / or cruises. There are 4 courses that are carried out in 4 weeks obtaining 4 accreditations. - basic safety training,  basic training in maritime safety,  passenger ship, and  rescue boat not fast training in Gran Canaria in the outdoor center. These courses are in English and online under the Dominican flag only coming to our center to do the practical part.
  • Basic Safety Training (2 weeks): The Basic Training Online program meets the requirements set forth by the 2010 Manila Amendments to the International Maritime Organization's STCW Code as well as the USCG requirements set by the U.S. Coast Guard for Basic Training in NVIC 08-14 and by Table A-VI/1-1 through 1-4 for Basic Safety Training of the requirements of the STCW Code, as amended.
  • Passenger Ship (Spanish, 4 days)
  • Marlins Exam (4 hours)
  • GMDSS (1 week online)

O&G Offshore sector (OPITO) Courses

  • MIST

Wind Energy Sector (GWO) Courses

  • BST First Aid
  • BST Working At Height
  • BST Sea Survival
  • BST Fire Awareness
  • BSTR First Aids
  • BSTR Manual Handling
  • BSTR Sea Survival
  • BSTR Working At Height