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AMSA Seafarer Certifications - Australian Maritime Safety Authority

A Guide to Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Certification Process for Domestic and International (STCW) Seafarers

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Australia is the largest island nation in the world with over 60,000 km of coastline. With over 27,000 domestic commercial vessels and over 75% of the world’s largest bulk carriers come to Australia each year, about 74% of trade in goods by value is transported by ship. With over 66,000 domestic seafarers, the qualifications and certifications are issued by Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is a statutory authority established under the Australian Maritime Safety Authority Act 1990 (AMSA Act).

AMSA has the jurisdiction over Australia's exclusive economic zone which covers an area of over 10 million square kilometers. Apart from seafarer certification, AMSA is also responsible for maritime safety and protection of the marine environment, infrastructure to support safe navigation, search and rescue service to the maritime and aviation sectors, and other services to the maritime industry on a commercial basis, to name a few.

A seafarer on domestic vessels or on an Australian registered vessel in international waters must hold the right qualifications to perform specific duties required by the job including fishing vessels. AMSA issues both domestic and international qualifications to the seafarer and approved training organizations who impart necessary training to the aspiring or professional seafarer.

amsa regional offices

      Pic: AMSA Regional Office - For accurate details, please check with AMSA. Credits: AMSA

How to Get AMSA Certifications?

  • For all domestic qualifications use the certificate of competency form 426. This you can submit through post or through a registered training organization.
  • For international qualification applications, use form 419.

AMSA Seafarer Certificate Requirements

Domestic Qualifications & Certifications

International Qualifications & Certifications

Deck Certifications

Deck Yacht Certifications

Engineer Certifications

  • Engineer Class 1: Engineer Class 1 (Motor), Engineer Class 1 (Steam), and Engineer Class 1 (Steam and Motor) - STCW Chief engineer
  • Engineer Class 2: Engineer Class 2 (Motor), Engineer Class 2 (Steam), and Engineer Class 2 (Steam and Motor) - First Engineer Officer or STCW Second engineer
  • Engineer Watchkeeper: Engineer Watchkeeper (Motor), Engineer Watchkeeper (Steam), and Engineer Watchkeeper (Steam and Motor)
  • Electro-Technical Officer: AMSA ETO Requirements

Rating Certifications

Other Certifications