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Norwegian Seafarer Certifications - Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA)

A Guide to Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) Certification Process for Seafarers on Ships Registered In the Norwegian Ship Register (NOR)

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Headquartered in Haugesund Norway, the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) is the administrative and supervisory authority in matters related to safety of life, health, material values and the environment on vessels flying the Norwegian flag and foreign ships in Norwegian waters. The NMA is also responsible for ensuring the legal protection of Norwegian-registered ships and registered rights in those ships. The NMA is subordinate to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries and the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

NMA issues Certificate of Competency and Certificate of Proficiency for Norwegian seafarers who work on shipsregistered In the Norwegian Ship Register (NOR). With over 330 employees, NMA has presence in 8 regions with 17 regional and district offices along the coast & a welfare station abroad

      Pic: NMA Regional Offices - For accurate details, please check with NMA. Credits: NMA

How to Obtain Norwegian CoC

  • Applications for certificates of competency, certificates of proficiency and qualification documents must be submitted to the Norwegian Maritime Authority on the prescribed application form.
  • Applications for certificates of competency for radio operators operating in the GMDSS system must be submitted to Telenor Kystradio, who issues these.
  • Applications for the issue of certificates of competency and certificates of proficiency must be submitted within five years after the issuance of a diploma.
  • You can apply online for the maritime certificates and the processing time is 2-4 weeks.

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NMA Seafarer Certificate Requirements

Deck Certifications

Engineer Certifications

Other Certifications

Dsclaimer: For general information purpose only. Please check with NMA for the latest and accurate information

LAST UPDATED ON Feb 10, 2019