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Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) Electro Technical Officer CoC Requirements (General, Sea Service and STCW)

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The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) Certificate of Competency Electro-technical Officer entitles the holder to serve as electro-technical officer on seagoing ships with propulsion power of 750 kW or more. A Marine Electro-technical officer arranges the operation and maintenance of the electro-technical equipment, machinery and the control of info-communication systems on board ship in an operational and supportive role.

Duties of an Electro-technical officer include - complete marine electro-technical (electrical, electronic and control engineering) duties at an operational and support level; perform marine electro-technical maintenance and repair duties at an operational and support level; perform safe ship board operations duties and care for persons on board at an operational and support level Engage internal and external human resources at operational and support level; and manage and execute security duties and contingency plans at an operational and support level.

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General Requirements for Electro-technical Officer CoC

  • Age: 18 years
  • Documented seagoing service and training in accordance with the relevant certificate class
  • Valid basic and advanced safety training
  • Persons who can also document completed training in subjects covering Annex II table A-VI/6-1 and 6-2 may be issued with a certificate of proficiency which includes competence in security awareness
  • A valid medical certificate for employees on ships
  • Competence shall be assessed by an assessor

Norwegian Electro-technical Officer Requirements

Education and Training Requirements

  • In order to be issued with the Certificate of Competency Electro-technical Officer, completed education and a passed exam covering the areas of Annex IV table A-III/6.

Norway Electro-technical Officer Sea Service Requirements

  • At least 36 months of combined training in workshop skills and seagoing service, 30 months of which shall have been served in the engine department and where at least one month has been served after the issuance of a diploma; OR
  • At least 12 months of combined training in workshop skills and seagoing service as part of an approved training program with on-board training. Training in accordance with this alternative shall be documented in an approved training record book. Education covering the areas of Annex IV table A-III/7 shall be successfully completed before seagoing service in accordance with this alternative may be performed.
  • The Norwegian Maritime Authority may, in the individual case, allow a sufficiently qualified person to perform functions specified in Annex IV table A-III/6.

Norwegian ETO Requirement Alternatives

nma eto alternatives
Table: NMA ETO Requirement Alternatives - Source: NMA

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