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Norwegian Maritime Certificate of Equivalent Competency (Endorsement) for Foreign Seafarers to Serve on Norwegian Ships (Norway CEC Requirements)

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Holders of foreign certificates may be permitted by the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) to serve on Norwegian ships in accordance with the qualifications of the person concerned. For the recognition of foreign education and associated certificates (Endorsement or Certificate of Equivalent Competency as it is known elsewhere) for personnel who are to serve on Norwegian ships, fishing vessels or mobile offshore units, EU here  shall be complied with.

An endorsement is a document which is issued so that foreign seafarers may use foreign certificates on board vessels flying the Norwegian flag. The endorsement is valid only when accompanied by the valid national certificate.

Norway has agreement with several flag states whose certificates are recognized by NMA. A list of maritime administrations (countries) that Norway has an agreement with is available here

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An NMA endorsement is a document which is issued to use foreign certificates on board vessels flying the Norwegian flag

Recognition of Foreign Certificates

  • Certificates covered by the STCW Convention issued by States outside the EEA may be recognized when the State concerned is a party to the STCW Convention.
  • The certificate must contain information about which rules of the STCW Convention it has been issued in accordance with.
  • Certificates issued by an EEA country in accordance with the requirements of Directive 2008/106/EC, cf. the STCW Convention, will be recognized.
  • Certificates are recognized in accordance with Annex I by endorsement by the Norwegian Maritime Authority as a separate document.
  • Certificate of competency for radio operators in the GMDSS system are endorsed by Telenor Kystradio.

Applications for Endorsement for Foreign Equivalency

  • The application and the documentation shall be in Norwegian or English. The application must include:
  • A valid certificate and documentation regarding which classes and grades under the STCW Convention are covered by the certificate, with any limitations;
  • Documentation in the form of a statement from the company that the person concerned is familiar with Norwegian legislation and has the necessary language qualifications relevant to the responsibilities of the position. For the master and anyone applying independently of an employment relationship, the requirement shall be documented by successfully completed training;
  • Documentation of an employment relationship or confirmation of employment on a Norwegian ship or on a ship for which registration in a Norwegian ship register is requested, if the holder of the certificate is from a State outside the European Economic Area
  • The Norwegian Maritime Authority may require that documentation of education, experience and seagoing service the last five years be presented.
  • Applications for endorsement for radiotelegraph and radiotelephone operators shall be addressed to Telenor Kystradio, Radioinspeksjonen. A navigator who is to serve as radio operator must also submit an application for endorsement as radio operator to Telenor Kystradio, Radioinspeksjonen
  • The recognition shall apply to positions, functions and levels of responsibility stated in the certificate and the endorsement from the Norwegian Maritime Authority
  • You may apply for endorsement here 

Temporary Service in a Position Where Norwegian Certificate of Competency is Required

  • Holders of foreign certificates who have submitted a complete application are issued with a Certificate of Receipt of Application (CRA). Holders of CRAs may serve in a position specified in the certificate in accordance with the STCW Convention, until the application has been processed and decided.
  • A CRA may only be issued to applicants who are to serve as master if the applicant is an EEA citizen.

Rights and Validity in Case of Norwegian Endorsement

  • The endorsement gives the holder rights limited to what follows from the foreign certificate.
  • The endorsement is valid only when accompanied by a valid original foreign certificate. The endorsement is not valid beyond the date of validity of the certificate.
  •  An endorsement issued to seafarers who are not EEA citizens does not entitle the holder to serve as master on ships of 250 gross tonnage or more. However, the Norwegian Maritime Authority may permit such service on ships which are registered in the Norwegian International Ship Register. The Norwegian Maritime Authority may take emergency preparedness into consideration when assessing whether permission shall be given.

Dsclaimer: For general information purpose only. Please check with NMA for the latest and accurate information

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