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MCA Approved STCW ISPS Ship Security Officer (SSO) Course and Certification Online for Seafarers in Commercial Cargo & Ferry Sectors by VIRSEC

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The Ship Security Officer (SSO) is a specific individual onboard the ship who is designated by the Company and reports to the Master for the overall management and controls to regulate and maintain all the safety and security protocols of the vessel. The duties of the SSO include but not limited to - supervise the implementation and maintenance of a Ship Security Plan (SSP); manage, monitor and optimize the ship’s security systems and processes; and train, direct and motivate shipboard personnel in the performance of security related duties.

The SSO training is in accordance with the requirements of the MNTB Security Courses Criteria - 2nd Edition, STCW 2010 Regulation VI/5 and Section A-VI/5, Chapter XI-2 of the annex to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and the International Ship & Port Security (ISPS) Code 2004 as amended (STCW Table A-VI/5).

The SSO training course covers all the administration requirements for the Ship Security Plan (SSP) as laid down in the ISPS Code, searching, stowaways, staffing and the legal requirements. You will learn of current threats, security levels and staffing requirements to counter terrorism, piracy and common criminality.

Separate online SSO courses are offered for the crew and staff of commercial cargo vessels, ferries, superyachts, cruise ships and related industries

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Online SSO Training

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SSO Certificattion

  • Course: This fully online IMO Model Course 3.19 and MCA Approved Proficiency as Ship Security Officer course is specifically designed for any knowledgeable and able crew member who will carry out the official duties of a Ship Security Officer.
  • Approval: MCA UK
  • Acceptance: MCA UK and all STCW whitelisted countries
  • Duration: The course lasts for approximately 21 hours (split into three modules) depending on the learner’s abilities and reading speed.
  • Certification: Upon successful completion of the online course, verification of Learner ID, and associated official Assessment, Learners will receive an electronic version of the official course certificate in secure PDF format and a hard copy can also be requested.

Ship Security Officer Course Content

  • The Development of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of relevant bodies and organizations
  • The roles and responsibilities of Contracting Governments, Designated Authorities, and Recognized Security Organizations
  • The Security Roles & Responsibilities of Crew and Port Security Personnel
  • Measures and Procedures for Maritime Security (MARSEC) Levels
  • Recognition of weapons, dangerous substances, and devices
  • Recognition of persons who may pose a threat to the security of the ship
  • Identifying techniques used to circumvent security measures
  • The handling of Sensitive Security-Related Information (SSRI) and Communications
  • Identifying security threats including Maritime Piracy & Armed Robbery against Shipping
  • Plus more

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