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Top Merchant Navy & Maritime Programs in the United Kingdom

Best Maritime & Merchant Navy Degree, Certification, Professional & Vocational Training and Maritime Business & Law Programs in the U.K.

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United Kingdom is one of the foremost maritime nations in the world and has had a solid history of maritime trade for centuries. As an island nation, its prosperity and strength has been tied to its maritime tradition. Maritime trade accounts for over 90% of all its trade among nations and accounts for over $600 billion (£500 billion estimate by UK sea ports 2014). This shows that the maritime sector is an very important factor in UK’s economy and is one of the largest employer in the country.

UK maritime education and training sector provides highly qualified and skilled people for the country and it is also a leader in this field with the universities and training centers providing valuable transfer of expertise through research, education and training for not just for UK, but for countries around the globe.

The services include maritime professional training and certifications, research and training is areas as diverse as marine engineering, Maritime Law, naval architecture, and Maritime Business to name a few.

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Maritime Education & Training in the UK

The maritime professional education courses at the colleges are available at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and professional designations certification are offered for new as well as experiences professional by bodies such as the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, Association of Average Adjusters, and IMarEST. For seagoing personnel, Merchant Navy Training Board supported programs are available at all levels through higher education institutions and designated training centers in the private sector.

Maritime Education & Training industry are broadly classified into following areas for its expertise:

  • Maritime and Shipping higher education programs in Universities and colleges which includes Maritime Business, Maritime Law, Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture, Oil & Gas, Port and offshore.
  • Merchant Navy professional education and training at the tertiary college level
  • Professional certification programs by certification bodies
  • Logistics and supply chain management education at the university and college levels
  • Maritime technical and vocational service providers both at the public and private sector
  • Yacht and leisure boat professional training

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Apart from the seagoing or offshore career, there are plenty of options for the workforce to engage offshore where some of the important activities take place such as:

  • Marine Engineering & Naval Architecture
  • Marine Surveying
  • Port Management & Engineering
  • Coastal Management & Engineering
  • Maritime Business Management
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation & Distribution
  • Technical Maintenance Services

Top Maritime Education and Training Institutions in United Kingdom

Following are some of the best universities, college and institutions providing maritime education, certifications and training programs in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


Top 5 Online Maritime Professional Training

1. Lloyds Maritime Academy
2. VIRSEC STCW Training
3. Ocean Training
4. Exis Technologies
5. MARLINS Training