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Lloyds Maritime Academy - Online Maritime & Offshore Courses

Online MBA, MSc, LLM, Diploma, Certificate Programs and Seminars for Maritime Industry Professionals with Middlesex University, World Maritime University & North West Kent College

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Based in London and part of Lloyd’s Group, Lloyd’s Maritime Academy provides accredited education and training programs for professional development in collaboration with leading academic and industry bodies. Thousands of students are enrolled every year including the popular and well established Diplomas in Marine Surveying, Ship Management and Postgraduate Maritime Law.

Various accreditation levels are available from short, online based certificate courses, through to fully academic accredited Diploma and Postgraduate Diplomas. Lloyds Maritime Academy also offers bespoke training solutions designed to meet company specific training requirements. Lloyd’s Maritime Academy seminars have become a familiar feature in the training calendar for many businesses.

Extensive portfolio including technical, legal, offshore, ports and terminals, environment, financial, insurance and fuel management are covered.

The MBA and MSc programs are offered with Middlesex University, the LLM program is offered with World Maritime University, and the Diploma programs are offered in partnership with North West Kent College.

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Education & Training Programs

MBA Programs

  • The Online MBA (Middlesex University): Develop your ability to apply existing and newly acquired knowledge and experience to complex business issues, preparing you for leadership and transformational roles within different companies.
  • MBA Continuation (Middlesex University): This is a unique program for holders of the approved Diploma courses from Lloyd's Maritime Academy, Knect365 Learning and North Kent College. It is an advanced entry MBA program to help you develop the skills you need.
  • MBA Shipping & Logistics (Middlesex University): Integrating traditional core MBA competencies such as strategic planning, risk management and business leadership with maritime specific content, this exceptional program provides a coveted boost to you and your organizations' profile.
  • MBA Oil & Gas (Middlesex University): The program curriculum has been painstakingly designed to equip current and future oil & gas leaders with the skills, knowledge and tools they need to manage their business successfully.

MSc Programs

  • MSc in Marine Operations Continuation (Middlesex University): International MSc continuation route exclusively for Diploma graduates of Lloyd’s Maritime Academy and North Kent College.
  • MSc in Marine Technical Superintendent (Middlesex University): Delivers the knowledge that employers want in their marine technical superintendents and will offer candidates a key advantage in terms of employability.
  • MSc in Marine Operations Continuation (Middlesex University): International MSc continuation route exclusively for Diploma graduates of Lloyd’s Maritime Academy and North Kent College. Develop management, research knowledge and advanced technical skills to boost your professional standing and further your career.

LLM Programs

  • PGDip/LLM International Maritime Law (World Maritime University - WMU): The renowned part-time distance learning Postgraduate Diploma from Lloyd’s Maritime Academy and the World Maritime University. The program develops leading knowledge and awareness of International Trade and maritime law, increasing understanding of how commercial trade ventures may give rise to legal issues.

Management & Leadership Courses

  • Certificate in Marine Consultancy: Delivers the expertise and knowledge to start up and enhance your own marine consultancy operation
  • Certificate in Shipping Market Analysis: Learn how to research, forecast and report on the global shipping market
  • Certificate in Commercial Mgmt. & Procurement: Procurement, business development, relationship management, risks, negotiation and strategy
  • Diploma in Maritime Business Management: Gain the key skills & knowledge to manage a Maritime Business
  • Diploma in Maritime Management/Leadership: CMI accredited course in management & leadership for shipping
  • Diploma in Marine Purchasing: Gain a thorough insight into the strategic & operational side of purchasing & supply
  • Diploma in Ship Finance: This diploma fully integrates alternative financing techniques into practical aspects of the business, such as covering fixed and variable costs, and capital expenditure

Surveying and Technical Courses

  • Certificate in Ship Design: Explore the new methodologies of designing more efficient vessels.
  • Certificate in Naval Architecture: Understand the key principles and tools used by naval architects in ship design.
  • Certificate Essentials of Marine Surveying: Develop your understanding of marine surveying – for maritime professionals and potential surveyors.
  • Certificate in Marine Warranty Surveying: Learn how warranty surveys reduce risks in major marine transportation and construction projects.
  • Certificate in Cargo Surveying: Cargo inspection, stowage, securing, assessment, surveys and reporting.
  • Certificate in Marine Coatings: Understand the benefits of good Marine Coatings and how they help shipping operations.
  • Diploma in Ship Superintendency: Develop proficiency in technical & management elements of ship superintendency.
  • Diploma in Marine Surveying: Become a fully informed surveyor with invaluable technical & management knowledge
  • Diploma in Small Craft Surveying: Leading qualification for surveyors of small vessels
  • Diploma in Marine Engineering: Study the key principles of marine engineering & marine engineering practice.
  • Diploma in Naval Architecture: Explore & apply key theories & principles associated with a ship's design

Ports and Logistics Courses

  • Certificate in Container Terminal Operations: Gain an operational, management & commercial understanding of the container terminal business.
  • Certificate in Transport Security: Study current and future threats in maritime transport security & methods of dealing with risk.
  • Certificate in Logistics Management: Learn how to manage distribution and storage efficiently and reduce costs.
  • Certificate in KPIs for Ports and Terminals: Learn how to apply KPIs to transform your port and terminal performance.
  • Certificate in Transport Logistics: Study key transport systems and processes - all placed in context of global trade.
  • Certificate in Heavy Lift: Gain knowledge of how a heavy lift project works in practice.
  • Certificate in Port Economics: Study the key issues involved in port economics, its demand and supply models, its pricing and its investment scenarios.
  • Diploma for Harbour Masters: The international course for Harbour Masters developed in partnership with IHMA & UKHMA.
  • Diploma in Terminal Management: For terminal managers - develop your operations, commercial & management knowledge.
  • Diploma in Port Management: Learn from the experts in port/harbour management, operations & administrations.
  • Diploma in Logistics Management: Master the planning, implementing & controlling the supply chain's flow of goods & services.

Law, Insurance & Contracts Courses

  • Certificate in Laytime & Demurrage: Learn key knowledge on diffusing disputes and maximising charter profits.
  • Certificate in Trade & Transport Regulations: Develop a thorough understanding of trade terms, rights, liabilities, documentation, claims and more.
  • Certificate in Contracting Newbuildings: Investigate shipbuilding contracts from parties, commercial issues and modifications to finance guarantees, delivery and termination.
  • Certificate in Ship Registration: Study flag state regulation, service delivery and ship registration decisions.
  • Certificate in Chartering: Study the principles and practical mechanics of ship chartering practice and charterparty contracts.
  • Certificate in Ship Sale & Purchase: A detailed investigation of the contracts, negotiation, preparation and completion of buying and selling ships.
  • Certificate in Maritime Law & Shipping Contracts: Understand regulatory frameworks and commercial contracts in the shipping industry.
  • Certificate in Marine Insurance: An introduction to Marine Insurance: terminology, concepts, types of risk, laws, business, policies and claims.
  • Certificate in Marine Claims: An indispensable professional development course investigating key practical and legal issues in responding to, handling and settling hull and cargo claims.
  • Certificate in Maritime Disputes & Arbitration: Avoid complex and costly legal proceedings where unnecessary, this course familiarizes you with the alternatives, including negotiation and mediation.
  • Certificate in Tanker Chartering: Study the principles of tanker chartering practice and contract management.

Ship Manning & Operations Courses

  • Certificate in Container Shipping: Investigate the commercial, technical and operational aspects of liner shipping and maritime container logistics.
  • Certificate in Ballast Water: Gain insight into ballast water management and understand its affects on shipping operations and the environment.
  • Certificate in Vessel Maintenance: Why planned maintenance is vital to a ship’s operations? what to watch out for in maintenance management? This course is a perfect introduction to understanding vessel operations.
  • Certificate in Bunkering Operations & Management: Develop your legal, technical, operational and commercial knowledge in bunkering.
  • Certificate in Shipping Business: Study the background to commercial, legal, technical and financial drivers in the shipping sector.
  • Certificate in Ship Operations: Study ship operations and the role of the shipping company operations department.
  • Certificate in Vessel Valuation: Gain insider knowledge of vessel valuation and appraisal techniques.
  • Certificate in Ship Management: The ideal professional development course for existing ship managers, prospective ship managers and for those who work alongside the ship management sector.
  • Advanced Certificate Internal Auditor in Shipping: Get a detailed understanding of the role of an Internal Auditor in shipping, and learn to comply with current and upcoming maritime requirements such as the ISM Code, ISPS Code, MLC 2006 and the ISO standards.
  • Advanced Certificate Designated Person (DP):This course gives you an advanced knowledge in the requirements, duty & responsibilities of a Designated Person Ashore in six carefully constructed study modules.
  • Diploma in Ship & Port Agency: Build your knowledge of the issues affecting today's ship & port agents.
  • Diploma in Crew Management: Study best practice in crew recruitment and management in shipping companies.
  • Diploma in Ship Management: Learn industry legislation & regulation compliance to manage your vessels effectively.

Safety & Environment Courses

  • Certificate in Maritime Environmental Management: Understand environmental issues and related management in the maritime sector.
  • Certificate in Oil Spill Response: This course has been designed to teach students how to assess risks, how to be safe in a chemical clean up and in the working environment, and how to decontaminate.
  • Certificate in Maritime Safety Mgmt. & the ISM code: Study best practice systems and processes that go beyond compliance and create a safety culture.
  • Certificate in Marine Pollution Prevention & Management: Investigating pollution issues, regulations, management strategies and contingency planning to minimize the environmental impact of shipping and offshore activities.
  • Certificate in Int. Maritime Codes & Conventions: A comprehensive course on maritime regulations and their implementation, compliance and enforcement.
  • Certificate in Safety and Risk Management for Shipping and Offshore: These industries are known to be two of the most dangerous, therefore it’s vital for those working within them to stay up to date in safety regulations and management.
  • Certificate in Ship Recycling: Learn the fundamentals to ship recycling and the role it plays within sustainability.
  • Certificate in Fire Safety: Get the latest on fire safety regulations, operational requirements and how to deal with the realities of a fire on a vessel.
  • Diploma in Marine Accident Investigation: Get to grips with the expertise needed to conduct thorough investigations.
  • Diploma in Maritime Safety Policies & Regulations: Study legislation, regulation, implementation & enforcement of maritime safety policy.

Technology and Innovation Courses

  • Certificate in Smart Shipping: Understand new technologies in maritime and how to leverage this for efficiency within your business.
  • Certificate in Ship Technology: Build your knowledge of vessel propulsion, navigation, engineering, energy and technology management.
  • Certificate in Blockchain in Maritime: Learn what Blockchain is, how it can be utilised in shipping and how you can leverage its benefits to improve your shipping operations.
  • Certificate in Big Data in Shipping: Discover the operational and commercial potential of Big Data within the maritime industry.
  • Certificate in Maritime Cyber Security: understand the importance of cybersecurity for shore-based maritime industry activities.
  • Certificate AI in Shipping: Understand how machine learning and vessel automation is changing the maritime industry.

Energy/ Oil & Gas Courses

  • Certificate in Sulphur 2020
  • Certificate in FPSOs
  • Certificate in Petroleum Economics
  • Certificate in LNG
  • Certificate in Subsea Engineering
  • Certificate in Pipeline Engineering
  • Certificate in Marine Drilling
  • Certificate in Offshore Field Development
  • Certificate in Int. Oil & Gas Contract Law
  • Certificate in Tanker Cargo Operations
  • Certificate in Gas Supply Chain
  • Diploma Surveying of Offshore Floating Units
  • Diploma in Tanker Management

Other Programs