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Marine, Maritime, Engineering, Logistics (University Level)


OSAKA UNIVERSITY, AT OSAKA - Masters and Doctoral Programs in Maritime and Urban Engineering & Naval Architecture in Osaka - Founded in 1724, Osaka University is the sixth oldest university in Japan and a national university located in Osaka, Japan. Osaka University has carried on the tradition of their free and forward-looking academic culture as its spiritual pillars. Along with other national universities in Japan, the status of Osaka University was changed to that of a semi-privatized institution in 2004.


OSAKA PREFECTURE UNIVERSITY (OPU) AT OSAKA - Marine Systems Egineering Programs at Osaka Prefecture University (OPU), Japan - Founded in 1883, Osaka Prefecture University is one of the largest Japanese public universities. The campuses are located at Sakai, Habikino-City and Izumisano in Osaka which is located in the heart of Japan. With around 8,000 students and 900 faculty and staff members, the campuses make an ideal academic setting for new students to gain essential knowledge while exploring new frontiers.

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KYUSHU UNIVERSITY AT FUKUOKA, JAPAN - International Masters & Doctoral Programs at the Department of Marine Systems Engineering, Kyushu University - Established in 1903, Kyushu University (Kyudai) is the largest public university on the island of Kyūshū and is Fukuoka City, Fukuoka. It is among the top 3 destinations for foreign students. The total number of students currently amounts to 18,765, while the faculty members number 2,186. International exchange programs are also greatly encouraged at Kyushu University.

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KOBE UNIVERSITY - MARITIME SCIENCES AT KOBE, HYŌGO, JAPAN - Global Transportation Sciences, Ocean Safety Systems Science, Marine Engineering, Maritime Management, Maritime Logistics Education and Research Programs - Established in 1929, Kobe University (Shindai) is one of the oldest and leading national universities located in the international port city of Kobe, Japan. The university is made up of 11 faculties, 14 graduate schools, one research institute and may centers covering the four disciplines of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and bio-medical sciences.


TOKYO UNIVERSITY OF MARINE SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (TUMSAT) AT TOKYO, JAPAN - Merchant Marine Training, Maritime Systems Engineering, Marine Electronics, Logistics, and Marine Policy Programs and Training in Tokyo - Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT) is a national university in Tokyo, Japan and the only university in Japan specifically dedicated to research and education on sea.

Merchant Marine, Engineering, Logistics (Vocational)

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NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY TOYAMA COLLEGE AT TOYAMA, JAPAN - Maritime Technology and  Maritime System Engineering Programs at Toyama College - Established in 1906, Toyama National College of Maritime Technology is one of the maritime colleges Japan and located in Toyama.

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NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY TOBA COLLEGE AT TOBA, MIE, JAPAN - Nautical and Maritime Engineering Training, and Maritime Systems Education in Toba - Established in 1881, Toba National College of Maritime Technology is the oldest continuously-operated and one of five maritime colleges in Japan.

Marine Classification Training (Professional)

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CLASS NK ACADEMY HQ AT TOKYO, JAPAN - Ships, Newbuilding and Ship Management Courses in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Greece, Turkey & UAE - The ClassNK Academy was established in 2009 to provide the maritime industry with a working knowledge of shipping and shipbuilding, specifically focusing on surveys, inspections and ship management.