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Maritime Technology and  Maritime System Engineering Programs at Toyama College

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Established in 1906, National Institute of Technology Toyama College is one of the maritime colleges Japan and located in Toyama. The College is comprised of four departments - two technological departments, the Department of Electronic Control Engineering and the Department of Computer Engineering and two other specialized departments, the Department of Maritime Technology and the Department of International Trade and Transport; the latter two departments are quite uncommon among the other 55 Colleges of Technology in Japan. Due to the academic curriculum and the location on the Sea of Japan, the emphasis is on social and international education.

The Marine Training and Research Center is located on the eastside of Toyama Shinko Port, which lies 4 kilometers from the school campus. It occupies 1650 sq. meters and has training and research facilities, including a wharf, training ships, an ocean observation room and boathouses. These are mainly used as practical training and researching for lessons related to ships and the sea. They are also used for some club activities, such as Yacht, Cutter and Boat Clubs. Extension lectures and marine events are held here in summer with local residents attending.

Note: Most of the programs are conducted in Japanese.

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Training Programs

Maritime Engineering Program

  • Maritime Technology Program (6 years): This program is a composite of the “Nautical Science Course” and “Marine Engineering Course”. You will study the marine environment and ship-related technology, with the aim of becoming a navigator or an engineer capable of working actively all over the world. The program includes practical work experience on board a large-scale ship that sails overseas. Graduation takes place in September of the sixth year of the program. You will receive practical training on large-scale training vessels, including sailing ships and diesel ships, and on large merchant ships operated by shipping companies as cadets. You will apply all the specialized knowledge acquired during the program with the aim of becoming a navigator or an engineer.

Advanced Program

  • Maritime System Engineering Program (2 years): The program includes and imparts - Individuals with the capacity to design and develop maritime-related systems that are environmentally friendly and support worker health and safety, workers who have acquired knowledge and skills related to the sea, ships, and distribution, and are capable of working effectively as part of both land and sea operations, and maritime system engineers who possess global-oriented environmental awareness and ethics.

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