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Marine Systems Egineering Programs at Osaka Prefecture University (OPU), Japan

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Founded in 1883, Osaka Prefecture University is one of the largest Japanese public universities. The campuses are located at Sakai, Habikino-City and Izumisano in Osaka which is located in the heart of Japan. With around 8,000 students and 900 faculty and staff members, the campuses make an ideal academic setting for new students to gain essential knowledge while exploring new frontiers.

The Osaka Prefecture University School of Engineering consists of ten departments and takes about 430 students per year. The School of Engineering entrance examination takes place in early March every year.

The Department of Marine Systems Engineering offers advanced education and research programs concerning marine system planning, marine environment, marine transportation, marine resources development and marine space utilization. This department is comprised of two sub-departments: Marine Environment Planning and Marine Systems Technology.

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Academic Programs

Maritime Programs

  • Programs in Marine Systems Engineering: Marine System Engineering is the study of the ocean as one of the earth’s systems and the effects human marine activity has on it. Research is carried out into technologies for the protection of our rich and beautiful seas, safe and efficient oceanic transport systems, and sustainable use of the sea’s rich energy and resources.

OPU Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions

  • International applicants must take the special entrance examination for admissions. The also have to appear for the Japanese language test.

Graduate Admissions

  • A foreign national who wishes to be admitted to the Master's program in April must meet one of the following qualifications:
  • Completion of a 16-year educational program at a foreign institution or Completion of a 15-year educational program at a foreign institution and acquisition of the prescribed credits with excellent standing as recognized by the Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka Prefecture University (OPU and attainment of the age of 22 by March 31.