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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering Graduate Programs


Founded in 1724, Osaka University is the sixth oldest university in Japan and a national university located in Osaka, Japan. Osaka University has carried on the tradition of their free and forward-looking academic culture as its spiritual pillars. Along with other national universities in Japan, the status of Osaka University was changed to that of a semi-privatized institution in 2004.

The programs at Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering department allows its students to obtain the knowledge needed to design artificial products for the oceans, while working to train personnel with impressive creativity. These products can include large-scale wind-power farms that sit on the ocean, promoting to improve the global environment and address the energy dependency.

The department is also involved in research and development of safer and more environmentally-aware ocean-bound transport. The department has become widely known as researchers come to Japan from the countries worldwide. Nearly all graduates of the Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department have found employment on the global stage.

Academic Programs

Graduate Programs

  • Combined Masters & Doctoral Degree Program (5 Years – English): The Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering program is renowned the world over for the advanced level of research involved and, attracts students and researchers from around the globe. The lectures and laboratories are entirely in English. The course encompasses both master and doctor courses. Students are expected to enroll in both courses sequentially to obtain both master’s and doctor’s degrees.
  • Doctoral Degree Program (3 Years - English): The education and research are on the basis of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at an international level which have academically supported by Japanese shipbuilding and Maritime industries.


  • A completed form of “APPPLICATION FOR ADMISSION” to the International Course of “ Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering ” for Doctor Course
  • A Statement on Purpose from the applicant (three or less pages of double-spaced typed pages on A4 paper).
  • A copy of the Diploma of master’s degree or its certificate issued by the university you attended.
  • A transcript of academic record of Master Course certificated by the university you attended.
  • A certificate of the proficiency of English (only for those whose previous education was in a language other than English). Strongly recommended to attach the TOEFL or TOEIC score with the certificate.
  • A recommendation letter addressed to the president of Osaka University from the dean or the head of the faculty, school, or department in the institution from which the applicant graduated, or the employer if he or she works.
  • A certificate of the citizenship or a copy of the applicant’s passport (A4 size paper).
  • Foreign Resident Registration Certificate (issued by the local government office), if the applicant lives in Japan.
  • A photo of the applicant (4.5cm×3.5cm) taken within the past 6 months before the applications date. Paste the photo in the application form 1).
  • The abstract of the applicant’s graduation thesis or an equivalent.


Japanese government scholarships shall be granted to three students

  • 155,000 yen per month
  • Air Ticket (to and from Japan)
  • Tuition exempted
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