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Merchant Marine Training, Maritime Systems Engineering, Marine Electronics, Logistics, and Marine Policy Programs and Training in Tokyo

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Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology (TUMSAT) is a national university in Tokyo, Japan and the only university in Japan specifically dedicated to research and education on sea. The university was established by merging Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine and Tokyo University of Fisheries in 2003. The university plays a significant role in maritime education within Japan, since both pioneering predecessor universities specialized in related fields based upon traditions of over one hundred years. The main campus (Shinagawa Campus) is located in Minato, Tokyo and another campus (Etchujima Campus) is in Koto, Tokyo.

The Faculty of Marine Science is on the Shinagawa campus with four undergraduate courses; Ocean Sciences, Marine bioscience, Food Science and Technology, and Marine Policy and Culture. The Faculty of Marine Technology is on the Etchujima campus with three undergraduate courses; Maritime Systems Engineering, Marine Electronics and Mechanical Engineering, and Logistics and Information Engineering. The Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology is a multidisciplinary education and research institution, provides courses in masters and doctorate level.

The faculties have been approved by the Japanese Government as the Class I Training Institute for navigation officers. The university operates 6 training vessels which are used for both education and research at sea. The flag-ship, Umitaka-maru, travels to all oceans of the world, and regularly visits the Antarctic Ocean on cruises in cooperation with the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition.

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Note: Most of the programs are conducted in Japanese.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • Program in Maritime Systems Engineering
  • Program in Marine Electronics and Mechanical Engineering
  • Program in Logistics and Information Engineering

Graduate Programs

  • Masters Program in Marine Policy and Management
  • Masters Program in Marine System Engineering
  • Masters Program in Maritime Technology and Logistics

Other Programs & Training

  • Advanced Onboard Training Course for Mercantile Marine: In the School of Marine Technology, the six-month Sea Training Course is provided for graduates from the Undergraduate Course of Maritime Systems Engineering and the Engine System Course in the Undergraduate Course of Marine Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. The sea training is conducted on board either large training ships owned by the National Institute for Sea Training or company-owned ships, including sailing vessels and Diesel Engine Ship, in order for students to acquire a range of specialized knowledge and skills necessary for the seafarers of large vessels. When they visit foreign ports, they have exchanges with the local people and acquire basic international outlook.
  • Advanced Course for Maritime Science and Technology: The main objective of this program is to educate and train students to become excellent marine specialists having the high levels of knowledge and skills necessary to navigate vessels in the shipping and fishing sectors. To attain this objective, practical education and training in navigation, and ocean observation are specially provided to students by using the training and research vessels (the "Umitaka Maru," the "Shinyo Maru" and the "Seiyo Maru") owned by the School of Marine Science.

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