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Here you will find some of the best maritime, logistics and marine companies, organizations and groups around the world, providing outstanding career opportunities for experienced professionals, job entrants and students. The companies are categorized broadly according to their headquarters and/or the specialized fields in which they operate. Most of the categories are inter-related or inter-mingled. So it is advisable to browse through all sections & categories for a thorough career research in merchant marine, shipping, logistics, supply chain management, 3rd party logistics, marine engineering, naval architecture, shipbuilding & design, maritime law or ship repair and shipping terminals in US, Europe or worldwide. The opportunities are broadly for - Internship & Co-op Positions, Entry Level & Trainee Positions,  Mid Level & Experienced Positions, and Senior & Professional Level Positions.

Shipping Industry Career & Internship


Shipping and Logistics Companies & Groups with worldwide offices and headquartered in US, UK, Denmark, Swizerland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore and more. These companies and conglomerates have their presence in almost all ports & Harbors worldwide. 

Supply Chain and Distribution Industry Career & Internship


Logistics, Supply Chain, Distribution & 3P Logistics Companies with offices worldwide and headquartered in US, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and more. These companies have offices in majority of cities and towns in Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia and Africa.

Ship Building, Design & Repair Industry Career & Internship


Ship Design, Shipbuilding & Shipyard Companies with large presence in US, and infrastructure or offices worldwide. These companies are headquartered in countries such as Australia, Netherlands, and Italy apart from the US.

Merchant Marine, Shipping & Cruise Crew Career & Trainee Recruitment


Merchant Marine (Navy), Ship Management and Shipping Crew Recruitment Companies mostly located in United States and United Kingdom (UK). These companies provide sponsored training (full trainee benefits like stipend, lodging, costs of education including a degree or diploma, and or other miscellaneous expenses like uniforms) for seagoing career in collaboration with various shipping & cruise companies in US and Europe.

Admiralty, Maritime & International Trade Law Career & Internship


International law Firms Specializing in Shipping, Maritime and Trade Laws based in US and UK with worldwide offices in Europe, Asia and elsewhere. These firms have handled shipping and International cases for several years and are capable of helping clients with local issues in collaboration with firms specializing in local maritime law.

Maritime Classification Industry Career & Internship


Marine and Maritime Classification & Risk Management Multinational Companies headquartered in Norway and UK. These companies help the maritime industry manage risk through ship classification, statutory certification, which sets standards of quality and reliability during their design, construction and operation and a range of technical, business risk, financial and competency-related services.

Marine and Maritime Technical Services Industry Career, Internship & Co-op


Marine Technical Products, Solutions & Services Companies headquartered in the US, UK, Finland and Switzerland with multinational presence throughout the world. They provide maritime and marine technical products, solutions and services to offshore and onshore clients in industries such as Oil & Gas, Shipping, Marine Power Plants and more.

Port and Harbor Industry Career & Internship


Ports and Harbors throughout United States and around the world are the backbone of international trade. Most of these ports are state controlled and provides various career opportunities in all areas related to maritime management, engineering, operations and more. There are also opportunities in private harbors in marina management and other services.

Transport and Logistics Industry Career & Internship


Transport & Logistics Companies in the US, UK & Worldwide provides logistics solutions to the maritime industry in transportation, storage, distribution and other operational services. These companies provide career opportunities in specialized fields such as fleet management, transport planning, industrial engineering, logistics and other related areas in the industry.

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