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Online Six Pack & Master Captains License and Endorsements - Mariners Learning System (MLS)

Captains License 600

Discover the opportunity to obtain certification as a licensed captain - OUPV/6-Pack or Master 25/50/100. Explore the details on how to achieve this esteemed credential!

Founded in 2002 and located in Pennington, NJ, Mariners Learning System (MLS) provides U.S. Coast Guard Certified Licensing Courses with flexible online training. With more than 25,000 students enrolled, a success rate of over 98.7%, and the flexibility to study at your own pace, Mariners Learning System™ is one the best choice for obtaining your Captain’s License and is very popular among license aspirants. You may take a 24-hour free trial to start with.

Mariners Learning System is the first captain's school in the country to be approved by the United States Coast Guard to offer online courses instead of in-person. They were also the first in the country to offer online testing upon course completion.

The teaching approach of MLS assumes minimal prior knowledge. Rather than solely focusing on exam preparation, MLS emphasizes comprehension. Through a blend of visuals including colors, graphics, animations, and simulations, the system ensures a stimulating and effective learning experience, facilitating understanding of course material.

The MLS course content matches that of traditional classrooms in scope and depth. However, MLS offers advantages over typical classroom learning through diverse learning options such as audio lectures, training videos, and companion workbooks. This format allows you to progress at your preferred pace. Additionally, MLS provides continuous access to online instructors around the clock, with the option to reach staff via toll-free calls during regular business hours. Whether you seek to acquire boating expertise, enhance safety awareness, or join a boating team, earning your USCG Captain's License opens up numerous opportunities for personal growth and career advancement.

 The MLS American Hero Fund offers financial aid to members of the U.S. military, veterans, police officers, firefighters, and first responders who aspire to obtain a license of their choice.

After finishing the MLS course successfully, students review the materials and then take a proctored exam online through the MLS system, either from home or the office. Once the student passes the MLS multiple-choice exam, they will receive a Mariners Learning System certificate officially recognized by the United States Coast Guard. The certificate holder can submit the original certificate within one year, along with your application package and applicable fees to the USCG Regional Exam Center. Upon their approval of your package, they will send you your original License.

Free Trial: With MLS, you can take one of the approved USCG Captain's License courses for 24-hour free trial without any obligation

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Online Testing

One significant advantage of the MLS program is its authorization by the USCG as a testing company. This authorization allows MLS to prepare the tests and schedule your exam at a date that suits your schedule. MLS can conduct testing online on behalf of the Coast Guard.

Online Training Programs

U.S. Coast Guard Approved Courses

Complimentary Services

  • Military Veterans, Active-Duty Service Members, and First Responders Scheme - American Hero Fund for OUPV (Six-Pack) and 25/50/100 Ton MasterLicenses.
  • Free Trial: With MLS, you can take the approved USCG OUPV Captain's or 25/50/100 Ton Master License course 24-hour Free Trial. No CC rquired.
  • License Application Process: Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Credential (license) application process. Complimentary 2-Year online license consultancy membership MM-SEAS PRO with captains license programs. MM-SEAS PRO gives you unlimited access to US Coast Guard Licensing experts via phone or video. It's like having a specialist by your side when you are ready to apply for your license. MM-SEAS Licensing Software makes documenting sea time, understanding license requirements, and keeping track of expirations easy through interactive checklists.
  • OUPV Captain / Master Current Job Opportunities: Please check for the latest job opportunities for licensed captains and masters.

 Study Guides

  • OUPV/Six-Pack individual subjects or full set books
  • Master 25-50-100 Ton individual subjects or full set books

FCC License

MLS Course Package

  • Online course
  • 12 months of access
  • Final online exam
  • Long Island Sound training chart (for OUPV-6Pack or Master 25-50-100 Ton)
  • Official test packet for the chart plotting exam (for OUPV-6Pack or Master 25-50-100 Ton)
  • 2-Year MM-SEAS PRO online USCG application software & unlimited access to Licensing experts via phone or video