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USCG Licensing Process Software for Captains, Masters, Deckhands, Mates and Engineers with Expiry Notification

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Established in 2021, MM-SEAS is the first-ever software that automates the manual task of obtaining, tracking and renewing U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) credentials, helping to eliminate paperwork processing errors while delivering merchant mariner career guidance.

The platform, available on desktop and mobile, uploads a mariner’s MMC, documentation of sea service, training certificate or other paperwork, and then allows the user to extract the applicable data in real time.

Civilian mariners are required to have valid USCG Merchant Mariner Credentials (MMC) to be onboard any commercial or federal ship in the United States. Credentialing is a complex process - from 2012 to 2018, 44.9 percent of approximately 500,000 applications submitted to the USCG National Maritime Center were incomplete or missing key documents.

MM-SEAS makes it easy for mariners to determine if their training and experience fulfills the requirements of the over 840 USCG licenses and endorsements as well as providing insights into what is needed for their upcoming renewal.

With your phone, tablet, or computer, the MM-SEAS software will securely organize your documents, understand what you need to renew and then submit perfect USCG License applications for you.

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MM-SEAS Process & Services

Who is this Service For?

  • MM-SEAS is built for Captains, Deckhands, Mates and Engineers to make the USCG Licensing process.
  • The information is stored in a secure database and displayed on an interactive user dashboard providing clarity of process and focused career development for civilian mariners and active-duty service members.

The Process

  • Upload your documents
  • MM-SEAS do the paperwork
  • You get your license

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MM-SEAS Advantages

  • Never lose a maritime document
  • Know exactly what sea service credit you have earned
  • Expiration reminders for your MMC and medical certificates
  • Renewal calculator and simple checklists to make it easy
  • Once you are ready to Submit, MM-SEAS take care of everything for you