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Mate 25 or 50 or 100 Ton Near Coastal (NC) License Requirements by the United States Coast Guard

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The Mate 25 / 50 / 100 Ton Near Coastal license or endorsement qualifies you to operate as a mate on an inspected (commercial) vessel with operating area for near coastal ocean waters not more than 200 miles offshore. This endorsement is good for mariners who do not have the required number of days needed for a Master Near Coastal. The license is given in tonnage increments based on your documented boating experience.

Mate is in charge of a vessel while the captain is off duty for any reason. The mate is responsible for the safety and security of the vessel, as well as the welfare of the crew on board. On smaller vessels, there may be only one mate who handles all of the responsibilities.

The duties may include - Alternate watches with the captain, supervise and coordinate the activities of the deck crew, determine the speed and direction of the vessel, upkeep of navigational charts and publications, inspect the cargo hold during loading, ensuring that all the vessel's radio equipment is functioning properly, assist with docking the vessel, responsibility for items such as firefighting equipment, lifeboats, and various other emergency system, and more.

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A Mate Up To 100 Ton Near Coastal license allows the holder to assist the captain to commercially operate inspected and uninspected vessels within the designated boundary line not more than 200 miles offshore from the U.S.

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Mate 25 / 50 / 100 Ton Near Coastal General Requirements

  • Must have U.S. Citizenship
  • Must be at least Age 18
  • TWIC
  • Approved Medical Certificate
  • Must be Drug Testing Compliant
  • First Aid (completed within 1 year)
  • CPR (must be valid)

USCG Mate 25 / 50 / 100 Ton Near Coastal Requirements

Sea Service Requirements

  • Recency: 90 days in the past 3 years on vessels
  • 360 days of deck service on Ocean, Near Coastal or Great Lakes waters OF WHICH service on Inland waters MAY substitute for up to 180 days of the required service, OR
  • 90 days of deck service on Ocean, Near Coastal, Great Lakes or Inland Waters while holding an endorsement as Master of Inland self-propelled, sail, or auxiliary sail vessels less than 200 GRT tonnage calculation applies, OR
  • An OUPV Near Coastal may obtain this endorsement by completing an examination on rules and regulations for small passenger vessels; however, the applicant must still submit service to so a tonnage calculation may be completed
  • Experience gained in the engine department on vessels of appropriate tonnage may be creditable for up to 90 days of the service requirements

Tonnage Calculations

  • 100 GRT: 90 days (25%) of service on vessels of 51 GRT or above, OR  180 days (50%) of service on vessels 34 GRT or above
  • 50 GRT: 90 days (25%) required on vessels of 26 GRT or above, OR  180 days (50%) required on vessels of 17 GRT or above
  • 25 GRT: 271 days (75%) or more for endorsement on vessels 5 GRT or less OR 90 days (25%) or more on vessels 6-25 GRT, OR  180 days (50%) or more on vessels 1-16 GRT
  • If mariner does not meet the tonnage calculation for 50 GRT or more he or she is eligible for 25 GRT


Sail or Auxiliary Sail (Optional)

Assistance Towing (Optional)

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