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U.S. Coast Guard Requirements (General, Sea Service, Training & Other) for Able Seafarer-Engine STCW Endorsement

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The Able Seafarer-Engine (AS-E) STCW endorsement corresponds with regulation III/5 of the STCW for Seafarers 78 and as amended in 2010. With this certificate, you can perform the functions and duties of an engine rating forming part of a navigational watch on ships of any gross tonnage in any operating area.

Duties include but not limited to - marine engineering at the support level, electrical, electronic and control engineering at the support level, maintenance and repair at the support level, and controlling the operation of the ship and care for persons on board at the support level. The Coast Guard may exempt an applicant from meeting any individual knowledge, understanding, and proficiency required in section A-III/5 of the STCW Code. These exemptions must be approved by the Coast Guard based upon vessel type. Under these circumstances, the endorsement may include a corresponding limitation.

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USCG STCW Able Seafarer-Engine General Requirements

  • Age: 18
  • U.S. Citizenship
  • Medical Certificate
  • Sea Service Letters or Discharges
  • Mariner must hold a national endorsement

USCG STCW Able Seafarer-Engine (AS-E) Endorsement Requirements

Sea Service Requirements

  • Seafarers may be considered to have qualified for this endorsement if they:
  • Meet the requirements for certification as a RFPEW - While qualified as an RFPEW, have seagoing service in the engine department of:
    • Not less than 360 days; or
    • Not less than 180 days and have completed approved training
  • Mariners holding a rating endorsement as QMED junior engineer, electrician or electrician/refrigerating engineer, pumpman or pumpman/machinist, refrigerating engineer, or machinist before January 1, 2017, will be eligible for this endorsement if they:
    • Hold an endorsement as RFPEW; and
    • Have currently valid Basic Training
  • Note: Not necessary to hold the endorsement for RFPEW but ALL training/assessments and sea service required for RFPEW must be completed before accruing the sea service towards AS-E


  • Evidence of meeting the standard of competence specified in table A-III/5 of the STCW Code

Approved Training

  • Valid Basic Training

Mariner’s holding III/1, III/2 or III/3 must meet requirements before endorsing AS-E

USCG Able Seafarer Engine STCW Endorsement - National Crossover

national crossover ase
Table: Able Seafarer Engine STCW Endorsement - National Crossover Credits: USCG 

Disclaimer: For general information purpose - please check with USCG for the latest requirements and accurate info

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