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Association of Average Adjusters AAA - Professional Membership in Marine Insurance

Professional Certified Designation and Membership Programs in Marine Insurance and Law

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Founded in 1869, the Association of Average Adjusters (AAA) is a professional body representing Average Adjusters who are experts in Marine Insurance and law and may be appointed by any party in a marine claim or dispute. Irrespective of the identity of the instructing party, the Average Adjuster is bound to act in an impartial and independent manner. The Association promotes professional standards in the adjustment of marine claims by ensuring, through examination and those entering into membership possess a high level of expertise.

Its aim is to achieve uniformity of practice amongst Average Adjusters by providing a forum for discussion and by establishing rules of practice where necessary. It ensures the independence and impartiality of its members by imposing a strict code of professional conduct.Finally, it provides a service to the maritime community with established procedures where they may obtain advice on all aspects of marine claims to assist settlement.

Membership categories are - Fellows (Fellows are full members of the Association who have satisfied the rigorous examination requirements of qualification by passing all six modules), Senior Associates (Senior Associates have two passes out of the three Fellowship modular exams (excluding the practical exam) one of which must be paper F1) and, Associates (Associates have passed Modules 1 & 2 of the Association's examinations). The examinations of the Association of Average Adjusters are held in January, March and October each year.

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Professional Examinations


  • Module A1: The Marine Insurance Act 1906 and related principles of insurance.
  • Module A2: Hull and Cargo claims.
  • Module A3: Upstream and Offshore Energy Claims (this paper can be taken as an alternative to Module A2 in order to achieve the AAA's Associateship qualification). 
  • These modules can be taken in any order and the pass mark is 60% per paper with a distinction being awarded for 80%. By passing both Module A1 and either A2 or A3 a candidate achieves the qualification of Associate of the Association of Average Adjusters.

Senior Associate

  • Senior Associate would be obtained on attaining two passes, one of which must be paper F1, out of the three Fellowship modular exams (excluding the practical exam).
  • In order to achieve Senior Associate status, the examinees still have to attain the 75% pass mark which applies to all Fellowship level Modules.
  • This qualification is tailored in particular for AAA Associates who may not be working in adjusters’ offices but who wish to continue their studies, without necessarily aiming to qualify fully as a Fellow


  • Module F1: General Average, Salvage and Carriage of Goods by Sea
  • Module F2: Hull & Machinery / Loss of Hire / War Risks / Cargo
  • Module F3: Collisions / Recoveries / Freight
  • Module F4: Practical Adjustment
  • These modules require a detailed knowledge of their subjects and the pass mark is 75%. The papers for Modules F1, F2, and F3 are of 3 hours duration. In addition to the core topics, a number of questions on miscellaneous matters are included, as detailed in the respective syllabuses which may be accessed from this page. The Practical Adjustment paper F4 lasts up to 7 hours and texts of the York Antwerp Rules and standard clauses etc are provided.

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