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Shipbroking Training and Certification

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Founded in 1911, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) is an internationally recognized professional body in the maritime arena and it represents shipbrokers, ship managers and agents throughout the world. As a major provider of education and training, the ICS sets and examines the syllabus for membership, providing the shipping industry with highly qualified professionals.

With 24 branches in key shipping areas, 3,500 individuals and 120 company members, the Institute's membership represents a commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards across the shipping industry. As part of a professional body, members can enjoy many benefits and a number of opportunities which enhance their career in the shipping industry.

ICS operates its own distance learning program, TutorShip, and runs a variety of courses designed for both new entrants to the shipping industry and more experienced people looking for specialized knowledge. TutorShip courses are offered in 16 Distance Learning Centers run by the Institute around the world.

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ICS Programs & Certifications

Diploma Programs

  • ICS Foundation Diploma: The Foundation Diploma is ideal for people with little industry experience, but who would like to gain practical knowledge and a sound qualification. It involves taking the Introduction to Shipping paper and one of the specialist group two papers from the syllabus. The Foundation Diploma is a standalone qualification in its own right, but because it can count towards your membership examinations it's also a great way to ease into study and gives you an overall view of the business.
  • ICS Advanced Diploma: The Advanced Diploma is the latest qualification developed by the ICS. It's been designed as a stepping stone into full qualification and suits those who have some industry knowledge, possibly gained through some time in the industry. Like the Foundation Diploma, the Advanced Diploma is a recognized and respected qualification. It involves taking the ICS benchmark paper Shipping Business and one other specialist group two paper from the syllabus.

Foundation Diploma Programs

  • Foundation Diploma in Dry Cargo Chartering
  • Foundation Diploma in Ship Operations & Management
  • Foundation Diploma in Ship Sale & Purchase
  • Foundation Diploma in Tanker Chartering
  • Foundation Diploma in Liner Trades
  • Foundation Diploma in Port Agency
  • Foundation Diploma in Logistics & Multi-modal Transport
  • Foundation Diploma in Port & Terminal Management
  • Foundation Diploma in Offshore Support Industry
  • Foundation Diploma in Shipping Law
  • Foundation Diploma in Marine Insurance
  • Foundation Diploma in Shipping Finance
  • Foundation Diploma in Economics of Sea Transport & International Trade
  • Foundation Diploma in Legal Principles in Shipping Business

Advanced Diploma Programs

  • Advanced Diploma in Dry Cargo Chartering
  • Advanced Diploma in Ship Operations & Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Ship Sale & Purchase
  • Advanced Diploma in Tanker Chartering
  • Advanced Diploma in Liner Trades
  • Advanced Diploma in Port Agency
  • Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Multi-modal Transport
  • Advanced Diploma in Port & Terminal Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Offshore Support Industry
  • Advanced Diploma in Shipping Law
  • Advanced Diploma in Marine Insurance
  • Advanced Diploma in Shipping Finance
  • Advanced Diploma in Economics of Sea Transport & International Trade
  • Advanced Diploma in Legal Principles in Shipping Business

Qualifying Examinations

  • Professional Qualifying Examinations (PQE): The Professional Qualifying Examinations (PQE) form the pinnacle of the ICS qualification. Completion of these exams is an illustration of one's developed knowledge and understanding of the commercial shipping industry. It formally comprises 7 exams which you can do over 5 years. Many people however complete in a much shorter time, and are often also eligible for exemptions to some exams based on industry experience and prior qualifications. Applying for your exemptions early on is a good idea as it's likely to help you make the right decision about which qualification works for you.
  • PQE Exam Process: Register as a student with the Institute and, Enter the subjects you want to take. If it's a Diploma, pick either the Foundation or Advanced Diploma Entry Forms, otherwise go with the Professional Qualifying Exams (PQE) Entry Form.
  • PQE Compulsory Papers (Group 1): Introduction to Shipping, Legal Principles in Shipping Business, Economics of Sea Transport & International Trade & Shipping Business.
  • PQE Optional Papers (Group 2): Dry Cargo Chartering, Ship Operations & Management, Ship Sale & Purchase, Tanker Chartering, Liner Trades, Port Agency, Logistics & Multi-modal Transport, Port & Terminal Management, Offshore Support Industry, Shipping Law, Marine Insurance, and Shipping Finance.
  • Registration (New Student): Please visit www.shipbrokers.org

ICS Study Options


  • Personal Tutor: Your dedicated Institute tutor who is a subject expert to provide you with assignment feedback and guidance for success at examination
  • Course Book: A comprehensive series of peer-reviewed books written by professionals in the shipping industry and drawing on the latest industry research
  • Tutorship Work-book: An invaluable companion to the course book and packed with useful resources including syllabus, tips and techniques, model answers, self-assessment questions, tutor-marked assignments and mock examinations.
  • Webinar Series: 11 live online tutorials on selected topics relevant across the whole Institute syllabus.

Lecture Programs

  •  For those students who live close to training centers, attendance at lecture programs proves very popular. Face-to-face learning gives direct access to subject specialists in a classroom environment as well as providing an excellent networking opportunity with fellow students.

ICS Online Academy

  • ICS Online Academy is the learning management system of Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. Online courses for Institute qualifications are available for enrolment.