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AMSA Marine Cook Certificate Requirements (General, Sea Service and STCW) for Australian International Seafarers

amsa ships cook certificate

The Marine Cook or Ship’s Cook reports to the captain and must have the knowledge and competency required to elaborate a large variety of healthy menus and prepare of meals for a crew onboard. The Cook is also responsible for ordering catering supplies within budget, ensuring that sufficient food is onboard for the intended voyage. Proper hygiene practices in the preparation and serving of food is imperative.

This section includes the AMSA International Qualifications and requirements for Marine Cook. A marine cook must hold a certificate of proficiency and certificate of proficiency as marine cook means a seafarer certificate that permits the holder to perform marine cook duties or functions on vessels of any size in any operating area.

amsa marine cook

Marine Cook or Ship’s Cook Certificate enables you to work as a marine cook on ships of any size in any operating area

General Requirements for Marine Cook

  • To be eligible for Marine Cook certificate you must meet medical, sea service and course requirements.
  • The requirements depend on whether you are getting a certificate for the first time or revalidating an existing certificate.

AMSA Marine Cook Certificate Requirements

  • The person is at least 18 years old
  • The person has completed a training course in the following matters that AMSA considers provide appropriate training for performing marine cook duties or functions - practical cooker, food and personal hygiene, food storage and stock control, environmental protection and catering health & safety.

Marine Cook STCW Requirements

  • The person has completed security awareness training (that complies with STCW Code section A-VI/6 paragraph 4)
  • The person holds a certificate of safety training

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