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MCA, RYA and USCG Maritime Training Programs in Antibes (France), Palma (Spain) and Fort Lauderdale (Formerly International Crew Training ICT Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA)

bluewater yachting crew

Located in Europe and USA, Bluewater Yachting is a Mediterranean-based Yacht Crew Placement and Training agency. Bluewater offers a wide-range of courses from STCW to Masters 3000, AEC to Y2 qualifications and all levels of the GUEST program in Fort Lauderdale (Formerly ICT Fort Lauderdale) as well as in Antibes and Palma. Being the longest established and most dedicated crew training provider, Bluewater offer a full range of accredited yacht training courses.

Bluewater offer MCA Master and RYA Yachtmaster courses in Antibes, Fort Lauderdale and Palma for those starting in yachting and all the required modules to reach the highest levels of professional yachting. Bluewater also provides luxury yacht charter and yacht sales services. Bluewater can also act as the marketing agent for your vessel to a network of clients and brokers worldwide.

Training Programs

MCA - OOW Courses

  • Efficient Deckhand (5 days): Students learn how safely to turn up berthing lines on bits, capstans and windlasses and the correct type of stopper to use. The qualities and characteristics of different types of rope, the calculation of safe working loads, the importance and significance of test certificates and the application on deck of the Code of Safe Working Practice for Merchant Seaman.
  • Efficient Deckhand (E) (6 days): This course is scheduled as an Evening Course of the above (17.00-23.00)
  • General Ship Knowledge (5 days): The course covers introduction to ship construction, stresses and corrosion, transverse stability, reserve buoyancy and damage control, meteorology and seamanship, watchkeeping, preparation for sea and maintenance.
  • GMDSS GOC (10 days): You will learn general communications procedures, in particular distress, urgency, safety and routine communication, using VHF/MF/HF radio, telex and satellite systems.
  • MCA ECDIS (5 days): The course involves theoretical instruction in the principles of ECDIS operation and practical training in the navigation simulator. The course satisfies the legal requirement for generic training.
  • MCA ECDIS (E): This course is scheduled as an Evening Course of the above (17.00-23.00)
  • OOW Navigation & Radar (15 days): The course provides an STCW 95 ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids) qualification. There are 2 parts to the course. 10 days of theory followed by 5 days of practical navigation in radar simulator.
  • OOW Navigation and Radar Review Course (4 days): This course is designed for those students who have already completed the full OOW Navigation and Radar course and would like a more formal review of material before taking the IAMI exam.
  • OOW Oral Prep (5 days): This course will prepare you for the MCA OOW Deck Oral Examination.

MCA - Masters Courses

  • Business & Law (5 days): The course describes how criminal and civil jurisdictions work in the multinational environment of seafaring, the major international conventions that affect yachts and the documents and certificates required to support these.
  • Celestial Navigation (5 days): This course leading to a celestial navigation exam will cover - Using celestial bodies to fix position, determining latitude by celestial means, and determining the compass error by celestial means.
  • Master Navigation & Radar (10 days): This is a command course and concentrates on management level issues in navigation. The first week is theoretical and concentrates on matters such as passage planning, full knowledge of the COLREGS, radar theory, ARPA theory, advanced radar plotting, and ECDIS.
  • Master Stability (5 days): This is a management level course that explores the principles of ship stability at a practical level. The course aims to ensure an understanding of stability principles rather than testing mathematical ability in their application. Emphasis is placed upon those aspects of the subject which can affect the work of a large yacht master.
  • Masters Oral Prep (5 days): An oral prep course is not required for any MCA oral examination but many candidates find them very valuable.
  • Seamanship & Meteorology (5 days): This is a general command level course designed to convey certain important issues in five different key areas such as, seamanship, navigation and passage planning, meteorology, MARPOL and the Code of Safe Working Practices for Seamen.

Engineering Courses

  • Advanced Hotel Services (4 days): This course is one of the 4 modules required to obtain Y2 certification. In this 5 day module those aspects of the engineering department that deal with the provision of services to the guests and crew are studied.
  • Applied Marine Engineering (5 days): This course is one of the 4 modules required to obtain Y2 certification. In this 5 day module the future Chief Engineer will study AC machine theory, batteries, metallurgy, and welding.
  • Approved Engine Course (5 days): The AEC is aimed at giving a wide and general appreciation of basic marine diesel mechanics and electrics along with an understanding of the chief engineer's responsibilities.
  • Auxiliary Equipment (5 days): This course deals with pumps and valves, hydraulics, compressed air equipment and services, steering gear, stabilizers, thrusters, batteries, switchboards, AC and DC machines, fuel husbandry and general engineering principles.
  • Chief Engineering Stats & Ops (5 days): The course covers in more detail the legal obligations, watch keeping routines and plant management function required by the future Chief Engineer. Particular attention is paid to pollution control, voyage planning, IMO, ILO, MCA, ISM, the Codes and Conventions and Health and Safety issues.
  • General Engineering Science 1 (4 days): General Science 1 is concerned with fractions, algebra, geometry, graphical equations, trigonometry, vectors, motion, friction, pressure, mechanics, measurement and ship stability.
  • General Engineering Science 2 (4 days): General Science 2 deals with thermodynamics, gas laws, heat, power, machines, stress, electro technology, ohms and kirschoffs laws, Faraday and Lenz's laws and electrical measurement. An understanding of the function of your non-programmable scientific calculator is essential.
  • Marine Diesels (5 days): This is a five day course which forms a part of the MCA Y4 qualification. Broadly speaking it covers the construction, operation, maintenance, defect repair and diagnostics of typical marine diesel engines and their systems.
  • Operational Procedures & Basic Hotel Services and Ship Construction (5 days): The Hotel Services component of the course covers refrigeration and air conditioning, fresh water and sewage. Ship Construction deals with stress, metallurgy, corrosion and stability.
  • Oral Prep Week Engineering (5 days): This course will prepare you for the Engineering Oral Examination.

RYA Courses

  • Personal Water Craft (1 day)
  • Personal Water Craft Instructor (3 days)
  • Powerboat Level 2 (2 days)
  • Powerboat Level 2 Assessment (1 day)
  • Professional Practices and Responsibilities (1 day)
  • SRC /VHF Online pre Assessment Course (1 day)
  • VHF Exam (1 day)
  • Yachtmaster Examination Review Course (5 days)
  • Yachtmaster Ocean Theory (5 days)
  • Yachtmaster Offshore Practical (5 days)
  • Yachtmaster Offshore Theory (6 days)

Safety & Security Courses

  • Advanced Fire Fighting (4 days)
  • CIEH Level 3 Awards in Food Safety (3 days)
  • Crisis Management and Human Behavior (1 day)
  • Crowd Control (1 day)
  • Elementary First Aid (1 day)
  • Entry Level Deck Week (5 days)
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (3 days)
  • Fire Team Training (1 day)
  • ISM Shipboard Safety Officer (3 days)
  • ISM Shipboard Safety Officer (3 days)
  • ISPS Security Officer (3 days)
  • ISPS Security Officer (E) (3 days)
  • Marshall Islands 350GT Master Yachts (5 days)
  • Medical Care at Sea (5 days)
  • Medical Care at Sea (E) (6 days)
  • Medical First Aid (4 days)
  • Medical First Aid (E) (5 days)
  • Medical Refresher (3 days)
  • Onboard Refresher Training (2 days)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (1 day)
  • Personal Survival Techniques (1 day)
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (1 day)
  • Proficiency in Security Awareness (1 day)
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other Than Fast Rescue Boat (Restricted) (3 days)
  • STCW Basic Crew Training Complete (5 days)
  • Updated Proficiency in Advanced Fire Fighting (1 day)
  • Updated Proficiency in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting and Personal Survival Techniques (2 days)
  • Updated Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other Than Fast Rescue Boat (Restricted) (1 day)

Interior Courses

  • Interior Basic Food Service & Wine & Cocktail Introduction (GUEST I) (1 day)
  • Interior Intermediate (GUESTII) (5 days)
  • Interior Intermediate Food Service (GUESTII) (3 days)
  • Onboard Cocktail & Spirit Advanced (GUESTIII) (3 days)
  • The Entry Program (GUEST I) (5 days)

Leadership & Management Courses

  • Management HELM (5 days)
  • Management HELM (E) (6 days)
  • Operational HELM (3 days)
  • Operational HELM (4 days)

USCG Courses

  • Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (4 days)
  • Bridge Resource Management (3 days)
  • Crowd Management (1 day)
  • Leadership and Managerial Skills (5 days)
  • Leadership and Managerial Skills (E) (6 days)
  • Leadership and Team-working Skills (1 day)
  • Master 100 GRT (12 days)
  • Medical Care Person in Charge (5 days)
  • Medical Care Person in Charge (E) (6 days)
  • Medical First Aid Care Provider (4 days)
  • Medical First Aid Care Provider (E) (5 days)
  • Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) (10 days)
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other than Fast Rescue Boats (5 days)
  • Radar Observer (Unlimited) (5 days)
  • Radar Observer Renewal (Unlimited) (1 day)
  • Train the Trainer (5 days)
  • USCG ECDIS (5 days)
  • USCG ECDIS (E) (6 days)
  • USCG GMDSS (10 days)

Helicopter Training Courses

  • Fire training for Helicopter Operations (4 days)
  • Onboard Helideck Safety Training (2 days)

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