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Ship’s Cook Online Certification (MLC 2006) - Liberian Registry Approved

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Online Liberia Approved Ship's Cook Certification Course in Compliance with MLC 2006 Regulation 3.2 for Seafarers Worldwide

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SQLearn is a training center approved by the Liberian Registry and ABS and offers e-learning courses for seafarers, cruise ship crews and yachts crews. The International Labour Conference adopted the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC, 2006), at a special Maritime Session held in 2006 in Geneva. The basic aims of the MLC, 2006, are to ensure comprehensive worldwide protection of the rights of seafarers and to establish a level playing field for member States and shipowners committed to providing decent working and living conditions for seafarers.

In MLC 2006 Regulation 3.2 on food and catering, the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, sets out requirements concerning the training and qualification of ships’ cooks. Seafarers must be provided with food and drinking water of appropriate quality, nutritional value and quantity. Ships’ cooks have the responsibility for food preparation. They must be adequately trained and qualified to be able to cook and serve varied and nutritious meals in hygienic conditions.

This course is aimed at a seafarer who has worked as a cook aboard on merchant vessels so that they are compliant with the MLC 2006. The certificate is issued under Title 3, Regulation 3.2, Standard A3.2, paragraph 1 Guideline B3.2.2 MLC 2006. “Seafarers employed as cook in the merchant navy have practical cookery, food and personal hygiene, food storage, stock management, environmental protection and health and safety in catering.”

Online Ship’s Cook Certification

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Ship's Cook Online Course Details

  • Course: Ship’s Cook course according to MLC 2006 Regulation 3.2
  • Course Platform: Fully Online (also available onboard)
  • Assessment: Online
  • Duration: 16 hours (2 days)
  • Purpose: To comply with MLC 2006 Regulation 3.2
  • Suitable for: Chief Cook and Messmen
  • Approval: Liberia Registry (LISCR) - IMO / STCW white listed
  • Accepted by: All flags that accept IMO STCW whitelisted approved training. For further confirmation you can check with your employer.

Course Content

  • Understand how to apply high-level practical cookery onboard.
  • Identify safe methods of food preparation, preservation and serving.
  • Comprehend galley operations under the latest health and hygiene standards and principles.


  • Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006, Regulation 3.2 and the Code
  • ILO Guidelines on the training of ships’ cooks according to MLC 2006 Regulation 3.2

Ship's Cook Certification Online
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LAST UPDATED ON July 10, 2023