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Super Yacht Training Approved by Maritime Administrations Worldwide in Cannes, France

harrison maritime associates

Located at Cannes France, Harrison Maritime Associates (HMA) is a professional super yacht consultancy. HMA provides consultancy in Yacht Training, Brokerage, Charter, and for Yacht Owners. HMAs main role is to build careers for professional yacht crew through training, personal development, education and career guidance.

Other roles include training course's development work, certification guidance and creation; as well as instructor and teacher training courses. The actual certifications that HMA issues (or that are issued by administrations that HMA represents) are accepted by many maritime countries worldwide. All the course's syllabuses are of international content. Harrison Maritime Associates also work with multi-language students, where English is not their mother language.

Many of the courses are approved by maritime administrations worldwide including MCA, MI, USCG, NZCG, AMSA, SMA, MI and more. HMA also runs many courses in collaboration with IYT Worldwide.

Training Programs

Deck and Navigation Courses

  • Master of Yachts 200Tons Limited (Offshore) Theory (MCA,MI,USCG,NZCG,AMSA approved) (10 days): Professional command qualification for vessels up to 200GT or 1st Mate up to 500GT, 150Nm limit from a safe haven.
  • Master of Yachts 200Tons UnLimited (Ocean) OOW Ocean/Astro Certification (MCA, MI, USCG, NZCG, AMSA states approved and STCW Compliant) (8 days): A professional astro-navigation and ocean passage planning course that lifts the 150Nm from a safe haven restriction based on IYT Course.
  • Master of Yachts 200Tons Limited (Offshore) Mate 500GT (MCA, MI, USCG, NZCG, AMSA states approved) (6-7 days): The ultimate course for 1st drive captains of yachts up to 34 mtrs approx and 1st/2nd Mate's of yachts up to 45 mtrs approx.
  • Master of Yachts 200Tons Limited (Offshore) Mate 500GT Sail Specialization (Practical) (MCA, MI, USCG, NZCG, AMSA states approved) (6-7 days): A real hands-on big boat handling course, covering both racing and cruising techniques. It includes advanced navigation techniques for large sail yachts.
  • MCA Master Oral Prep Master (Y) 200GT STCW coded (6 days): The majority of candidates looking to complete an official MCA oral examination choose to do an oral prep week, with the principle objective to make you feel confident when walking into the oral examination.
  • MCA Master Prep Oral OOW (Y) 3000GT: MCA oral examination preparation.
  • Ribmaster (Power II) (Approved my MCA): This course will teach you how to drive a tender safely and quickly. Course covers practicing docking in confined dock areas, loading & unloading, basic safety etc.
  • MI Master of Yachts 350Tons: Marshall Islands approved.
  • OOW Navigation & Radar: MCA approved, Marshall Islands approved.
  • SMA High Speed Navigation & Radar: Swedish Maritime approved class 8. This is real life training with the Swedish Marines in boats doing >50 Kts.

Interior & Chef Courses

  • Cosmopolitan Steward & Stewardess Level I Course & Certification (4 days): A course for Steward's and Stewardess's who either have been working for one year and would like to improve their skills and knowledge; or for the Steward's or Stewardess's who have never worked on a super yacht before and would like to gain the basic skills and knowledge.
  • Cosmopolitan Steward & Stewardess Level II Course & Certification (3 days): An advanced course for Steward's and Stewardess's who have been working for at least two years as interior crew and are now looking to step-up into a management role, such as a Chief Steward or Chief Stewardess, or as a purser on the larger yachts over 50 meters.
  • HACCP/USPH Interior Food & Hygiene: Internationally approved course & certification. This course is recognized by all maritime administrations including MCA and USCG etc. This certified course is aimed at all interior crew that handle food; Chef's, Steward/ess etc.
  • Super Yacht Chef Intermediate (3 days): This course is aimed at the college trained chef who is looking to work on a super yacht. This course gives the trained chef the inside track of the business and covers topics such as logistics, storage etc.
  • Super Yacht Chef Advanced (2 days): This course delivered on a consultancy basis, is aimed at the college trained chef who is/has worked on a super yacht. The course covers galley layouts, budgets, management skills, legal, new trends etc.

VHF & GMDSS Radio Courses

  • GMDSS Marine Communications SRC/VHF DSC: Compliant to Int. Telecom Union for Marine Operators' usage.
  • GMDSS GOC (MCA approved): For crew qualifying beyond OOW, or for crew that have lifted the 150Nm operating restriction. This is a long and somewhat difficult course that covers all the types of communications, their equipment, their usage, legal requirement etc.
  • GMDSS ROC + Satcom Module (MCA approved): The solution for many 200 Ton Captains and 500 Ton 1st Mates that are working coast-wise, allowing them to use the GMDSS & Inmarsat systems that are found on the smaller super yachts.

Executive Courses

  • IMO ISPS Ships Security Officer: Fully compliant STCW’78/95, SOLAS conventions + ISPS code.
  • IMO ISM Ships Safety Officer: Fully compliant STCW’78/95, SOLAS conventions + ISM code. An essential certification to hold for the ISM code, the course covers the ISM code and its application on-board.
  • Recreational Instructor Training Course (6 days): The course syllabus is based upon IYT Worldwide requirements for the teaching of all their recreational courses up to "Bareboat Skipper" level, as well as for the International Certificate of Competency (ICC).
  • Professional Teacher Training Course: For all IYT Worldwide professional course and other professional maritime courses.
  • Maritime Business & Law -Level I Master 200GT/Mate 500GT (MCA approved) (2 days): IYT Worldwide and HMA have especially developed this dynamic course for Captains and Mates working on the super yachts under 500GT. The course is taught from a lay person's point of view, taking everyday situations and looking at it from the different legal and business aspects.
  • Maritime Business & Law -Level II: MCA approved.

STCW Courses

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