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Maritime Management and Law Postgraduate Program in Bilbao Campus, Spain

university of deusto

Established in 1886, University of Deusto is a private coeducational Jesuit university located in the major coastal cities of Bilbao and San Sebastian (Basque region) of Spain. The university has agreements for cooperation with about 200 universities from Europe, Latin America and other parts of the world. The university has adopted the European Credit System and is very active in cooperation with other institutions in Europe with about 1300 students and 50 faculty taking part in the mobility programs. Also the university has about 1000 international students of at least 100 nationalities, through multiple programs of mobility, exchange or as official students.

University of Deusto is now part of the Aristos Campus Mundus 2015 (ACM 2015) project as a European Regional Campus of International Excellence. ACM 2015 is a strategic aggregation of University of Deusto, Pontifical University of Comillas and Ramon Llull University. This aggregation began with an advanced strategic cooperation agreement with Georgetown University, Boston College and Fordham University.

The University of Deusto, through its Centers and Faculties, and in coordination with the Postgraduate Academic Unit, now offers more than 80 degrees in 8 specialist subject areas. The university also provides grants and scholarships to a number of students. This offers you the chance to do paid work compatible with your studies. This also helps to train students with outstanding academic records who require financial assistance.

university of duesto bilbao campus

Academic Programs

Postgraduate Programs

  • Master's degree in Port and Maritime Business Management and Maritime Law (Part-time, 9 months, Spanish and English): The Master’s degree in Port and Maritime Business Management and Maritime Law (official Spanish diploma) will make you an expert in managing maritime transport businesses on today’s rapidly changing and competitive scenario. One of the key advantages is the program’s global approach with content applicable in any area of the world. Successful completion of this degree will equip graduates to: Assess, if necessary, the legal aspects of Sea Transport of Merchandise contracts (chartering); close ship contracts; and, prepare settlements in cases of sea casualties and incidents in insurance companies.
  • Admissions: Spanish Licenciatura, Engineering, Diploma, Technical Engineering degree. OR an equivalent qualification issued by a European Higher Education Area member state (EHEA) OR an equivalent qualification issued by a non-European Higher Education Area member state (EHEA).

University of Deusto Grants

The university has a new Deusto Grants fund for future postgraduate students. Eligibility is based on academic record, job experience and financial means. Some of them are:

  • Deusto grants
  • Collaboration grants
  • Interuniversity mobility