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Naval Architecture, Seaports Engineering & Management Education in Lithuania

klaipeda university

Established in 1991 and located in Klaipeda city, on the cost of the Baltic Sea, Klaipeda University is the only institution of a very high education and research standard in Lithuanian’s sea coast that has full infrastructure and rapidly developing community. Scientific and academic activities are interdisciplinary, open and innovative.

Klaipėda University offers three levels of studies: undergraduate, postgraduate or/and specialized professional studies, and doctoral studies. Klaipėda University offers 67 degree study programs at undergraduate (main studies) level, 48 degree study programs at postgraduate (Master’s degree) and 4 specialized professional studies level. Doctoral studies are available in Ecology and Environmental Science, History, Educology. Klaipeda University offers 16 degree programs and 12 non–degree programs and courses for international students.

Trends of scientific research, artistic and academic activity, which are not developed in other Lithuanian universities, remain dominant in Klaipeda University. Some of them are - marine environment research and engineering of marine transport; hydrology and oceanography; port technologies and engineering; and, more.

klaipeda university campus

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Naval Architecture (English, 4 years): Naval Architecture aims to develop engineering designers with a capacity for the creative synthesis of science, engineering, technology and business. Together these factors are the key to the design, construction, operations and maintenance of all types of ships, boats and other fixed and floating marine structures - from super-tankers to sailing yachts, and from fast ferries to offshore wind turbines and oil platforms. The program is available both full time and part-time.
  • Bachelor of Seaport Engineering with Specialization in Marine Transport Logistics (English, 4 years): Sea port engineering with specialization Marine transport logistics specialist, is oriented on engineer and higher qualification specialist in maritime industry to organize and use different technological processes, create, design and operate port infrastructure and technological equipment, is able to optimize their usage and avoid any damage to environment. Educate sea ports engineering bachelor qualification persons could work as engineers in different maritime industry companies (Port Administrations, Stevedoring, ships agency, cargo forwarding, surveyed and other companies and institutions), constructors in design companies, technical advisers, industry companies and its subsidiaries managers, project managers in commercial companies.

Graduate Programs

  • Master of Marine Port Engineering (Sea Ports Management) (English, 2 years): This program prepares sea ports engineering master qualification persons who could work as engineers and researchers in different maritime industry companies Graduates of this program can take researcher‘s or higher skill qualification post, manager‘s in transport sector, marine industry as well as in various research educational institutions and to continue the third level studies.

Research Program

  • PhD in Transport Engineering: English program