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Navigation, Marine Engineering, Marine Electrical Automation, Port and Shipping Management Programs at LMA Riga Campus

latvian maritime academy

Founded in 1789 and Located at Riga Latvia, Latvian Maritime Academy (LMA - Latvijas Juras akademija) is the first and only institute in Latvia to provide higher maritime vocational education and training for the maritime industry on a regular basis. The aim of the Academy is to provide students with a balance of academic education, professional training and practical skills in order to respond to a wide spectrum of needs in the maritime industry.

LMA graduates well-qualified mariners in the technical areas of navigation, marine engineering, marine electrical automation, and port management. LMA trains officers for the Latvian Navy. LMA also provides the following institutional support measures for teachers/students mobility. Courses in English are offered for incoming Erasmus students in accordance with the previously signed Learning Agreement for studies. LMA curricula conform to the Bologna system and the national credit points are transferred into the ECTS credit system.

All programs are conducted in Latvian language with some subject available in English.

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Academic & Training Programs

Bachelor Degree - Marine Transport Programs

  • Professional BSc in Marine Transportation (Navigation) (4 years): Main study areas include - Navigation, ship construction and stability, aids to navigation, cargo handling technology, maritime safety, shipping law, marine pollution prevention, global maritime communications, Maritime English and shipping management. The program comprises two sea-going phases - one year in total. Career opportunities include - Navigating Officer or subsequently Master on merchant or other vessels, manager or superintendent in maritime or other shore-based companies.
  • Professional BSc in Marine Transportation (Marine Engineering) (4 years): Main study areas include - Power engineering plants, theory of ship construction, refrigerating and air-conditioning plants, operation of auxiliary machinery and systems, maintenance and repair, marine pollution prevention, Maritime English and ship technical management. The program comprises a sea-going phase- a minimum of 6 months and practical training in ship repairs.
  • Professional BSc in Marine Transportation (Marine Electrical Automation) (4 years): Main study areas include - Electrical engineering; marine electrical plants; marine diesel engines and turbines, marine automation systems, marine automated control systems, operation of marine power plants, Maritime English. The program of study leads to the Marine Engineer watch keeping certificate of competency and subsequently to the position of Marine Engineer or dual purpose officer, i.e., Marine Engineer-Marine Electrical Engineer. Career opportunities include - Marine Electrical Engineer or Marine Electrical Automation Officer on vessels.

Bachelor Degree - Shipping Management Programs

  • Professional BSc in Management and Administration - Port and Shipping Management (4 years): Main study areas include - Economics, maritime commercial management, ship technical management, port operations, multimodal transport, Maritime English and maritime agency service provision. Career opportunities include - Employment in shipping or other maritime shore-based companies in the capacity of managers, planning executives and port economic service personnel. Career opportunities include - Marine Engineer or subsequently Chief Engineer on merchant or other vessels, superintendent or engineer in maritime or other shore-based companies.

Master Degree - Marine Transport Program

  • Professional MSc in Marine Transportation - Operation of Marine Transportation (1.5 years full-time or 3 years part-time): Graduates may be employed in shipping or other companies in the capacity of managers, executives as well as teachers in higher education.

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