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Navigation, Marine Power Plant, Maritime Transport, Port and Shipping Finance, Port and Shipping Management Programs at LMA Klaipeda Campus

lithuanian maritime academy

Established in 1948 and located at Klaipeda Lithuania, Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LMA) is a public institution of higher education training qualified seafarers and other specialists for the Maritime Industry. LMA Quality Management System was certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance according to international ISO 9001:2000 standard requirements.

The Academy is widely involved in improving qualification and retraining of Seafarers’ – there are 30 programs of short courses in various fields (GMDSS, Radar, ARPA and ECDIS simulation, SSO, Ordinary and Able Seamen, Motormen training courses and etc). GMDSS training simulator, program, procedures and examination is approved by Dutch Radio communication Agency. Dutch companies accept trainees from LMA and recognize the certificates.

All study programs for full-time and part-time students are in Lithuanian language.

lithuanian maritime academy campus

Academic & Training Programs

Bachelor Degree Programs

  • Marine Navigation
  • Marine Power Plant Operation
  • Marine Electrical Power Plant Operation
  • Maritime Transport Logistics Technologies
  • Port and Shipping Finance
  • Port and Shipping Management
  • Studies are organized in modern classes and laboratories. Practical classes take place in newly installed or renewed simulators. Classes are held by experienced lecturers, Masters, Chief Engineers, who pass their experience and knowledge on their students.
  • Graduates of maritime field who have the established seagoing experience are granted a Certificate of a marine rank together with a Professional Bachelor Diploma. Special courses that are required for granting a Certificate of Competency are included in the study programs.
  • During studies, students have opportunities to study abroad for a limited period of time according to international exchange programs in European universities and have their apprenticeships in foreign enterprises.
  • The duration of full-time studies is 3-4 years. Part-time studies are less intensive; therefore their duration can be 1.5 times longer than full-time studies.

Maritime Training Courses

  • BST (Basic Safety Training)
  • Advanced Fire-Fighting (AFF)
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats, other than Fast Rescue Boats (PSCRB)
  • Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats (PFRB)
  • Ship Security Officer (SSO)
  • Security Awareness Training for All Seafarers
  • Security Training for Seafarers with Designated Security Duties
  • Bridge Resource Management Course (BRM)
  • Engine-room Resource Management (ERM)
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System -General Operator’s Certificate (GOC for GMDSS)
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Restricted Operator’s Certificate (ROC for GMDSS)
  • Upgrading training program from global maritime distress and safety system restricted operator (ROC for GMDSS) to global maritime distress and safety system general operator (GOC for GMDSS)
  • Radar Navigation, radar Plotting and use of ARPA - Operational level (RNPO)
  • Radar, ARPA, Bridge Teamwork and Search & Rescue – Management Level (RBTSRM)
  • Operational use of electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS)
  • Carriage of Dangerous, Hazardous and Harmful Cargoes
  • Safety Training for Personnel Providing Direct service to Passengers in Passenger spaces, Crowd Management and Proficiency in Crisis Management and Human Behavior on All Passenger Ships training
  • Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety and Full Integrity on All Passenger Ships training
  • Basic Training for Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations
  • Basic Training for Gas Tanker Cargo Operations
  • Advanced Training for Oil Tanker Cargo Operations
  • Advanced Training for Gas Tankers Cargo Operations
  • Seaman’s training course program
  • Able seaman’s training course program
  • Motorman’s training course program
  • Able motorman’s training program
  • A training program for the professional development course for deck officers
  • A training program for the professional development course for engineer officers
  • A training program for the preparation course for electro-technical officers
  • A training program for the professional development course for electro-technical officers

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