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Able Seaman, Motorman, Marine Cooking, Welding and, Port Logistics Training Programs in Klaipeda, Lithuania

klaipeda shipping school

Established in 1962 and located at Klaipeda Lithuania, Klaipėda Shipping School (Klaipėdos laivininkų mokykla) is an educational institution provides students with opportunities to develop new competences and to integrate into the changing labor market in the maritime industry. It is the only vocational school in Lithuania which provides young people with the secondary and maritime education and training.

Alongside traditional academic subjects Klaipeda Shipping School offers a wide range of marine and offshore training programs. It provides all the skills and knowledge needed to have a wide variety of career opportunities both at sea and ashore. Klaipeda Shipping School participates in various Erasmus + program of the European Union.

The programs are conducted in Lithuanian language.

klaipeda shipping school campus

Training Programs

Navigation Programs

  • Able Seaman: The program trains participants to stand a watch as helmsman and lookout , use emergency, lifesaving and safety equipment, use any rigging, signaling equipment, operate deck machinery while mooring and anchoring, operate cargo gear, and, understand and execute all wheel, anchoring, mooring and towing orders in English.
  • Seaman - Cook: The program trains participants in addition to Able Seaman training, prepare the raw materials, and, make hot and cold dishes, desserts and beverages.
  • Seaman - Welder: The program trains participants in addition to Able Seaman training, prepare metal for welding, and, perform welding of horizontal and vertical joints.
  • Motorman - Electrician: The program trains participants to monitor and maintain energy equipment and auxiliary engines, machinery; ensure the repair works of all equipment; use measuring instruments and to read drawings; and, understand and execute orders in English.
  • Port Logistics: The program trains participants to carry out tally duties,  control incoming and outgoing cargo,  fill in the necessary documents, route materials, specific orders for shipping, use modern information technologies, and, know the work of port terminals, types of cargo, its packaging and marking, warehousing services and etc.
  • Electrical Machine Operator (Shore): The program trains participants to perform electrical equipment installation, low-voltage equipment installation & maintenance, high voltage switchgear installation & maintenance.

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