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OPITO Certified Blaster-Sprayer Level 1 Training Program - Basic Level of Knowledge for Working as an Industrial Blaster/Sprayer

blaster sprayer training

Blaster/Sprayer Training presents the core blasting, painting and spraying skills required by personnel who want to work as an industrial blaster/sprayer. Blaster/sprayers could find themselves working in a confined space to coat the inner surface of a storage tank or they may get to blast clean a helideck on an oil rig in the vast open spaces of the North Sea.

The OPITO Blaster/Sprayer Level 1 Training (and its accompanying OPITO Blaster/Sprayer Level 2) provides a structured training and assessment program embracing the essentials of the blaster/sprayer role. The training program could also serve as a useful refresher course for experienced blaster/sprayers who want to test their knowledge and skill before being assessed against the OPITO Blaster/Sprayer Competence. Delegates successfully completing the Initial Training Program will be awarded an OPITO Level 1 certificate; this entitles the delegate to progress to Level 1 (WE) - Workplace experience tasks.

Level 1 (WE) specifies the series of workplace experience tasks which the candidate will be required to complete in order to gain relevant experience in the workplace. Each task must be logged in a log book provided by the Training Provider.

Level 2 specifies the assessment process and criteria for the candidate to demonstrate competence in the role of a Blaster/Sprayer. Successful candidates will be awarded an OPITO certificate of competence. An experienced Blaster/Sprayer can opt to take Level 2 assessment without completing Level 1, providing they have verifiable evidence of blasting/spraying experience.

  • Duration: 24 hours (2 days)
  • Validity: No expiry
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Exam: Candidates must achieve a pass mark of 80% or higher in order to successfully achieve the OPITO Blaster/Sprayer Level 1 certificate

opito blaster Sprayer level1

Blaster/Sprayer Level 1 Training

OPITO Blaster/Sprayer Initial Training

Introduction to Industrial Blasting & Painting

  • History and Significance

Working Safely

  • Blasting & Painting Hazards
  • Regulations
  • Working Safely
  • Work Packs for Blasting/Spraying Activities
  • Working in Confined Spaces
  • Protecting Adjacent Surfaces & the Environment

Compressor Awareness

  • Understanding the Air Supply

Surface Preparation & Blasting

  • Providing a Prepared Surface
  • Initial Surface Preparation
  • Dry Grit & Wet Slurry Blasting

Painting & Coating

  • Paint Classifications
  • Application by Brush & Roller
  • Application by Airless or Conventional Sprayers
  • Specialist Coatings

Quality Control & The Supervisor’s Role

  • Quality Control for Trainees
  • The Supervisor’s role

Disclaimer: For general information purpose only - please check with OPITO for the latest and accurate information on Training Standards

Last Updated: May 23, 2021