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OPITO Escape Chute Initial Training - Knowledge and Skill to Descend an Escape Chute Safely in the Event of an Emergency

escape chute training

Primary means of evacuation from an offshore installation or vessel in the event of an emergency are typically via helicopter, marine transfer, gangways between installations or lifeboats depending on availability and circumstances. Escape chutes provide a means of safe emergency escape that permits rapid, mass evacuation from high structures such as offshore platforms and vessels during life-threatening emergencies.

OPITO Escape Chute Initial Training course provides delegates with knowledge of the variety of escape chute systems used offshore and the knowledge and skill to descend an escape chute safely in the event of an emergency. This course does not instruct delegates on how to deploy escape chutes.

The target group for the Initial Training program is personnel that require offshore installation and vessel escape chute training in addition to BOSIET, FOET, TBOSIET or TFOET.

  • Duration: Approx. 2 hours
  • Validity: 4 years
  • Medical Requirement: Offshore medical certificate or medical certificate from the company
  • Pre-requisites: Nil

opito escape chute initial training

Escape Chute Training

Escape Chute Systems and Escape Chute Use (Theory)

  • Identify different types of tertiary escape from offshore installations and vessels.
  • Examples of different types of escape chute systems used offshore.
  • Potential personnel descent rates for escape chutes.
  • How typical escape chute systems are constructed.
  • How typical escape chute systems are deployed from fixed and floating installations and method of descent through escape chutes.
  • Identify typical clothing and PPE required during an escape via an escape chute – for the particular region of operations.
  • Correct body posture positions and safe methods for entering, descending, regulating descent speed and exiting an escape chute.
  • Possible required actions of personnel first down the chute.
  • How to escape from an escape chute should the internal escape chute passageway be blocked.

Escaping via an Escape Chute

  • Entering the escape chute in a safe manner, adopting the correct body position.
  • Descending the escape chute in a controlled manner adopting the correct body position.
  • Exiting the escape chute into the collection raft or onto the collection platform, making sure that personnel don’t block the exits point.
  • Delegates are required to complete a minimum of two descents through the escape chute. The second descent must be completed using an appropriate lifejacket.

Disclaimer: For general information purpose only - please check with OPITO for the latest and accurate information on training standards

Last Updated: March 15, 2021