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OPITO Helideck Emergency Response Team Member (HERTM) Further (Refresher) Training for Offshore Personnel Appointed to the Role of HERTM

hertm further training

The aim of this HERTM Further Training program is to give HERTM’s the opportunity to practice and maintain the skills required when dealing with helicopter emergency response situations or incidents as members of an Offshore Helideck Emergency Response Team, in aspects of their role which they cannot reasonably practice offshore.

This training is designed for currently appointed OPITO certified HERTMs that are required to revalidate their OPITO HERTM certification by refreshing and updating their knowledge and skills in aspects of their role that they cannot practice in the workplace.

Medical Requirements include - Offshore medical certificate or medical certificate from the company and Undergo medical screening by completing an appropriate medical screening form provided by the OPITO-approved center.

hertm further training opito

OPITO HERTM Refresher Training

HERTM Further Theory Training

  • Key parts of relevant helideck operations regulations and guidelines
  • The principles of helicopter emergency response

HERTM Further Practical Training in Emergency Response

  • Emergency access and egress to and from helidecks including clear, concise and effective communications with HERTL and team members.
  • Updating HERTL on progress against the emergency response plan at appropriate times.
  • Responding appropriately to HERTL direction during emergencies including the correct selection of appropriate fire-fighting equipment for the incident
  • Under direction from the HERTL: approaching the incident area in a controlled manner - continually assessing how the changes in the emergency could impact on the safety of other ERT members, maintaining a means of escape from the incident area.
  • Effective execution of emergency response tasks.
  • Conducting helicopter incident firefighting operations, to include responding to a helicopter engine fire using a CO2 media extended applicator.
  • Correct donning and use of breathing apparatus (BA) when instructed by HERTL (all delegates to practice donning and using BA).
  • Effective Search and rescue (SAR) principles and techniques - on or close to the helideck, locating, extracting and handling missing personnel and casualties following a helicopter incident on the helideck.
  • Appropriate response to non-firefighting operations during helicopter incident.
  • Effective use of firefighting fixed, portable and mobile systems, including fixed fire monitors, dry chemical and CO2 fire extinguishment and control media
  • Responding to an NUI helideck fire (with limited firefighting equipment).
  • Working with back-up emergency response teams - where required to do so.
  • Correct casualty handling techniques.
  • Hose-running techniques and associated hazards

Disclaimer: For general information purpose only - please check with OPITO for the latest and accurate information on training standards

Last Updated: March 19, 2021