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IADC Crane-Rigger Training Programs for Crane Operator and Assisting Riggers in the Oil & Gas Industry

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Only trained operators designated by the company should be allowed to operate a crane and a great deal of this responsibility lies with the crane operator and the assisting riggers. Cranes, rigging, and the related personnel are some of the most essential players on the energy exploration and production team.

Due to the hazards that employees face on a daily basis, working in the oil and gas industry requires a commitment to safe work practices. Their work, which often involves high pressures, extreme temperatures, and complex equipment, leaves little margin for error.

IADC Crane-Rigger program consists of Basic Rigger and Crane Operator training certification programs. Developed by IADC Members, including operators, drilling contractors, professional trainers, and other specialists. These programs set the stage for the rigger & crane operator by answering the most important job-related questions.

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IADC Crane-Rigger Training

IADC Crane-Rigger Courses

  • Basic Rigger: Basic Rigger course provides foundational knowledge and skills needed by personnel fulfilling job positions that include rigging responsibilities.
  • Crane Operator: Crane Operator Course addresses routine and non-routine crane operations involving the two basic types of cranes (mechanical and non-mechanical - electric/hydraulic) and is designed specifically for the Crane Operator position.

Other Crane-Rigger Courses

  • Combined Rigger & Crane Operator (Mechanical)
  • Combined Rigger & Crane Operator (Non-Mechanical & Mechanical)
  • Combined Rigger & Crane Operator (Non-Mechanical)
  • Mechanical Crane Operator
  • Non-Mechanical & Mechanical Crane Operator
  • Non-Mechanical (Electric/Hydraulic) Crane Operator

Disclaimer: For general information purpose only - please check with IADC for the latest and accurate information on Training Standards

Last Updated: June 7, 2021