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WCO Rules of Origin, Customs Valuation, Data Models, RKC, Single Window, SAFE, TIR, Transfer Pricing, Temporary Admissions Courses & Webinars Online

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Established in 2018, World Customs Organization (WCO) Academy is private sector’s point of access to the World Customs Organization’s expertise and offers a wide range of Customs eLearning courses, real-time training via webinars and many other tools and features including Global Customs News and Forums.

Aimed at building the Customs skills of current and future International Trade professionals, as well as further enhancing their work performance, the WCO Academy is the ideal platform for the private sector to gain in-depth knowledge and specialized information from the WCO.

The WCO has already developed over 23 Customs-focused e-learning courses covering more than 500 hours of e-training on major international instruments, topics and concepts that contribute to enhancing the work of Customs officers from across the globe, directly at their work place. Specific courses are now available to company staffers and University students, which have been suitably adjusted to meet their needs.

Through WCO Academy Online webinars you have the unique opportunity to interact directly with WCO representatives and other recognized WCO experts. The webinar subject matter includes - Customs Valuation, Harmonized System, WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, Rules of Origin and many other Customs-focused matters.

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WCO Online Training

Rules of Origin Courses

  • Rules of Origin: It offers an overview of Rules Of Origin in general and a better implementation and application of the origin procedures, priority been given to practical topics that would help international trade professionals understand and apply the regulations contained in the Free Trade Agreements or GSPs in application.
  • Rules of Origin Bundle ( E-Learning + Database): Course on Rules of Origin and 1-year access to the Origin Database.
  • Rules of Origin Course and Webinar Bundle: This bundle contains access to the Rules of Origin Course and a recorded webinar.
  • Rules of Origin Recorded Webinar: Stakes of Rules of Origin, Preferential and Non-Preferential Rules of Origin, Preferential Agreements, Proof of Origin, Certification, Origin Tools, and Latest Developments.

Customs Valuations Courses

  • Customs value constitutes the basis for the assessment of Customs duties and taxes. A lack of knowledge often results in the submission of declarations with incorrect Customs values because all the elements necessary for their determination were not taken into consideration. When such incorrect declarations are identified during Customs valuation control process, adjustments are made to the declared value with an additional assessment of duties and taxes and sometimes penalties.
  • Customs Valuation Course 1: Valuation Concepts and Transaction Value
  • Customs Valuation Course 2: Advanced Valuation Methods
  • Customs Valuation Bundle: Complete course on Customs valuation and 1-year access to the online Customs valuation compendium. Courses in this bundle include - Customs Valuation Course 1 - Valuation concepts and transaction value; Customs Valuation Course 2 - Advanced valuation methods & Customs Valuation Compendium - 1-year subscription.
  • Custom Valuation - Course 2 + Customs Valuation Webinar Bundle: This course includes - Customs Valuation - Course 2 - Advanced valuation methods & Customs Valuation and Transfer Pricing - Webinar Recording
  • Customs Valuation and Transfer Pricing - Webinar Recording: Discover the concepts of Customs valuation and Transfer pricing and the latest updates on these important notions.

Custom Transit Courses

  • Customs Transit: This series of learning modules, based on the WCO Transit Handbook To Establish Effective Transit Schemes for LLDCs will teach you about the transit procedures and how they can be improved using international standards.

Data Model Courses

  • WCO Data Model Course 1 - Managers: The WCO Data Model is a maximum set of carefully combined and harmonized data requirements derived from cross-border regulation. These requirements are mutually supportive and updated on a regular basis to meet the procedural and legal needs of cross-border regulatory agencies such as customs, controlling Export, Import and transit transactions.
  • WCO Data Model Course 2 - Practitioners: The users of the WCO Data Model should work closely to supply commonly used technical information to each other for mutual advantage. Interested parties could come together to solve business and technical challenges through the adoption of the Data Model, and thereby take advantage of technological advancements to further speed-up the deployment of IT solutions.
  • Data Model Courses Bundle: Complete course on the WCO Data Model and 1-year subscription to the online WCO Data Model.

Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC) Courses

  • Revised Kyoto Convention (E-Learning + Database): The International Convention on the simplification and harmonization of Customs procedures (as amended), known as the Revised Kyoto Convention is the blueprint for modern and efficient Customs procedures in the 21st century.
  • Revised Kyoto Convention - General Annex: The Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC) is the blueprint for modern and efficient Customs procedures in the 21st century. Alongside several international conventions and other instruments designed to harmonize and simplify Customs procedures, the RKC plays a key role in setting out the basic principles for all Customs procedures and practices.

Single Window Courses

  • Single Window Course 1 - Practitioners: This course aimed at enhancing knowledge about the Single Window Environment. The course is based on the WCO Single Window Compendium. Course 1 will give practical guidelines for implementation to the practitioners.
  • Single Window Course 2 - Managers: Course 2 is intended to give a theoretical view of the Single Window environment to decision-makers.

E Commerce Webinar

  • The WCO Framework of Standards on Cross-Border E-Commerce - Recording: Learn more about how to leverage opportunities and tackle challenges presented by E-Commerce.

Incoterms Courses

SAFE Courses

  • SAFE and AEO: The Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade is a unique international instrument which usher in a safer world trade regime, and also heralds the beginning of a new approach to working methods and partnership for both Customs and business. This E-Learning course aims to present this tool and the benefits of its implementation.

TIR Courses

  • The TIR System: This course co-developed with the International Road Transport Union (IRU) is aimed at helping learners to familiarize themselves with the fundamental aspects of the TIR System.

Istanbul Convention Courses

  • Temporary Admission - The Istanbul Convention: The Convention on Temporary Admission signed in Istanbul on 26 June 1990 provided a means of bringing together, and simplifying, various instruments governing temporary admission which were already in existence at that time. The most important tools covered by the Istanbul Convention are the ATA carnet (for goods) and the CPD carnet (for vehicles), which are standardized documents used by Customs services to check temporary admissions.

Transfer Pricing Courses

  • Transfer Pricing: This course co-developed with the OECD aims to explain the stakes and problems of transfer pricing on both tax and customs points of view.

WTO TFA Courses

  • WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA): Driven by the spectacular growth in global trade, and the urgency to reduce the time and cost of moving goods across borders, the TFA contains provisions for speeding up the movement, release and clearance of goods. It sets out best practice for cooperation between Customs and other stakeholders, and it contains provisions for technical assistance and support for nations who may need it.

Free Courses

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