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OceanDrivers Academy - Sailing Technology Education

Online Sailing Technology Courses in Electronics, Weather Routing, Instrument Calibration, and other Programs

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Established in 2015 and located at El Arenal Italy, the OceanDrivers Academy conducts sailing technology programs for the sailing world at all levels, from day cruisers to dinghy sailors to offshore racers. Sailing schools and yacht clubs host our group courses. Sailing schools and yacht clubs host OceanDrivers Academy group courses which are a mix of theory and hands on exercises with hardware and software provided by OceanDrivers partners to learn all the secrets of technology onboard sailing boats!

OceanDrivers Academy has partnered with leading technology companies such as Actisense (intelligent sensors and interfaces), ADRENA (navigation software and performance analysis), Expedition Marine (racing software), GARMIN (chartplotters and high visibility instruments), NKE Marine Electronics (instrument systems dedicated to navigation and performance), PredictWind (wind weather prediction technology), Raymarine (displays, autopilots, sensors, VHF, multifunctional navigation stations, and more), RecBlau (nautical audiovisuals), Tidetech (oceanographic data), and VMG (install and design electronics system) to name a few.

OceanDrivers Academy also conducts Learn Anytime Anywhere Online Courses for our students to learn directly from home. If you are an owner or you have got a sailing team they can organize custom courses tailor made on your needs and to help you learning the secrets of the system that you have onboard.

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Online Training Programs

Online Courses (English)

  • Basic Marine Electronics Course: Learn the basics to understand the technologies onboard modern sailing yachts. In this basic course you will learn - what type of sensors are there on the market and how to install them and maintain them; how and where to install onboard display and the modern personal display technologies; how does the processor work and the math inside it; how to connect a PC and/or a tablet to the system; how to integrate different systems with different protocols/wires; which navigation softwares to use onboard for passage planning and racing; and more.
  • Introduction to Weather Routing: Learn modern navigation techniques for offshore passages and regattas. What you will learn - understand the difference between weather forecast the download from internet; assess the risk of taking a route or another; fully understand the theory behind polar and sail charts; be able to create a complete weather routing strategy; and be able to apply weather routing to racing and cruising context.
  • Instrument Calibration Course: Learn to calibrate your instruments to improve performance and safety onboard. What you'll learn - to calibrate an instrument system; to understand why we can't always trust the numbers; and to understand how to calibrate and use the autopilot at its best.
  • Sailing with Numbers: Learn to use the numbers of the electronic system onboard and the compass to improve the results of your regattas. During this course you will learn to look at the course, at the competitors, at your performance with a new perspective. A numerical approach during the race will help you to improve performance and have a much better understanding of the whole picture, including wind trends, currents etc.
  • Advanced Weather Routing with Adrena: Learn how to use all the advanced functions in Adrena to make your weather routing as accurate and as useful as possible. What you'll learn - create advanced weather routing analysis; sail faster and in a safer way; be more aware of what surrounds us when we sail offshore/ocean passages; and use all the advanced options of adrena navigation software for weather routing.

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Online Courses (Italian/Spanish)

  • Navigare con i numeri
  • Corso calibrazioni
  • Corso introduzione routing
  • Corso elettronica base
  • Calibración de instrumentos de navegación

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