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Online MBA Program in Maritime and Shipping Management from UNINETTUNO University, Italy

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Established in 2005, International Telematic University UNINETTUNO (Università telematica internazionale UniNettuno) is a private e-learning university located in Rome, Italy. The university was established by the decree of the Italian Ministry of Education and the academic titles have legal value in Italy, Europe and in the Mediterranean Countries, for first-cycle (bachelor) degrees, specialization degrees (master), doctor’s degrees and master’s degrees. The programs are developed and provides through a consortium of universities, companies, and public bodies.

UNINETTUNO programs are delivered by distinguished lecturers of important universities worldwide through Internet-based real and virtual classes in Italian, Arabic, English and French. There is a dedicated area which is called the Didactic Cyberspace, where teaching and learning take place. The Internet-based learning environment can be accessed by student worldwide through lessons, multimedia products, databases, exercises, evaluation and self-evaluation systems, online tutoring, forums, chats, and thematic wikis.

The digitized video lessons are the starting-point of the learning process. Each digitized video lesson is structured into several issues and is indexed in order to enable the student to follow the whole video lesson or to select a section the student wants to study more in-depth. The applied technologies include Internet, satellite television and videoconferencing systems.

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Academic Programs

Masters Degree Program

  • MBA in Maritime and Shipping Management: This program aims to equip students with a thorough knowledge of aspects of the maritime business, along with a broad business administration skills required to enable them to fulfill the requirements of a managerial post within the maritime world and its associated industries. To achieve this purpose, the program offers its students a unique blend of professional and academic courses. Practical training programs further enrich their studies and enable them to become rapidly adaptive to the needs of employers and to respond appropriately and imaginatively to emerging issues in a dynamic industry.
  • The program focuses primarily on education in shipping, business, management, and maritime science and technology, to build up the expertise of the shipping industry, research and development.
  • Internships & Field Visits: An internship to the maritime industry as well as field visits supplements the learning experience.
  • Career: Students will be offered an opportunity to develop a career in global maritime management, freight forwarding or exporting and importing. They will gain a distinctive business degree that will let them work overseas, in a wide range of industrial positions, ship operations, marine science, maritime management and operation.
  • Languages of Instruction: The program is offered in English and Greek.
  • Entry Requirements: This program is aimed to prospective students that have a first degree or an equivalent recognized academic title. In addition, knowledge of the English language and Information Technology skills are required. Relevant professional experience is also desirable.

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