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Introductory & Advanced Short Courses in International Trade, Trade Finance, Documentary Credit, Guarantees and more at ICC Academy

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International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Academy delivers online certification in International Trade & Trade Finance & professional development services to meet the educational needs of banks, corporate and other organizations at the forefront of international trade.

International trade is the concept of this exchange of goods or services between people or entities in two or more different countries. Both the parties benefit from the exchange because there is a need or want of goods or services.

Trade finance is when an exporter requires an importer to prepay for goods shipped. The importer wants to reduce risk by asking the exporter to document that the goods have been shipped as proof and trade finance likes to manifest itself in the form of letters of credit (LOC), guarantees or insurance and is usually provided by intermediaries, such as banks or financial institutions.

ICC Academy's most popular online international trade short courses (3-5 hours) are available for individual learns apart from its certifications. All the courses are authored by ICC experts.

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ICC Academy Top Short Courses

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Introductory Short Courses

  • Introduction to Trade Finance (3 hours): Develop a foundational understanding of global trade and how companies settle their cross-border commercial activities. On completion of ICC Academy’s introductory trade finance course, you will have developed a good foundational understanding of global trade and how companies settle their cross border commercial activities, what their basic needs are, identify the risks as well as instruments available to mitigate those risks.
  • Introduction to Documentary Credits (3 hours): Get a practical overview of the documentary letter of credit and its versatility in addressing a variety of client needs. ICC Academy’s introductory letter of credit course provides a practical overview of the long-established but still rather esoteric trade financing instrument, the Documentary Letter of Credit, known variously as Documentary Credit, Commercial Letter of Credit, Letter of Credit, L/C and D/C.
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Finance (3 hours): Learn how to engage effectively and credibly with clients and recognize opportunities to propose SCF techniques as solutions. This introductory course provides a practical overview of the high-growth area of Supply Chain Finance (SCF) - an emerging proposition in the financing of international commerce which covers the majority of global trade flows.
  • Introduction to Trade Finance Sales (3 hours): Understand the best practices and processes required to be an effective and productive trade finance sales person. Upon completion, you will have a basic understanding of the key steps to identify, select and prioritize customers and sales opportunities within an assigned sales territory and how to prepare for and conduct a successful sales call.
  • Introduction to Guarantees (3 hours): This course provides an introduction to Guarantees and is set up to give you an overview of what a Guarantee is and its structure. You will learn about the origins and development of a Guarantee, from the days of using cash deposits as a collateral, to the independent instruments of today.
  • Introduction to Documentary Collections (3 hours): In this course, you will learn how to describe the two types of Documentary Collections, portray the cycle in its entirety, and understand the role and perspective of a Relationship Manager in this cycle. Additionally, you will obtain a clear insight into the risks and documents involved in a Documentary Collection.

Advanced Short Courses

  • Advanced Documentary Credits (5 hours): This letter of credit training course provides a detailed review of Documentary Credits, from structuring and issuance to document verification to financing and settlement. The format of the course follows a typical transaction flow and seeks to highlight practical considerations related to the use of Documentary Credits in international trade.
  • Advanced Standby Letters of Credit (5 hours): Get a deep understanding of SBLCs, the purposes for which they can be used, the rules governing them and potential issues. This Advanced Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC) course will take an in-depth look at how SBLC work, many of the purposes for which they can be used, the rules and regulations governing them, and problems that can arise around them.
  • Advanced Guarantees (5 hours): Step up your understanding of guarantees with a closer look at issuance, counter guarantees and more complex transactions. Building on Introduction to Guarantees this course provides more important coaching on the issuance of a bank guarantee, the use of counter guarantees and more complex transactions.
  • Digital Trade Finance & Fintechs (5 hours): Learn about the digital trade ecosystem, including fintechs, regulatory challenges and digital solutions that support trade. The Digital Trade Finance course will provide you with an overview of the Digital Trade Finance/Digital Commerce world including the advent of Fintechs, the legal, regulatory & commercialization challenges involved, and describe broad ranged trends and solutions that are available to support international trade.
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