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Marine & Offshore, Firefighting, HSE, First Aid, and Offsite / Mobile & Specialized Training Programs for the marine and Oil & Gas Professionals in Abu Dhabi, UAE


Located in Abu Dhabi UAEJAHEZIYA is a leading provider of emergency firefighting and rescue services. Equipped with industry-standard certifications, they deliver advanced training courses that prepare individuals and leading military and civilian organizations to respond effectively to crises.

JAHEZIYA offers locally and internationally approved training programs and the leadership in technical, vocational, and professional training for intra-agency, inter-agency, and multi-agency operations allows to build, sustain, and enhance customer capabilities to protect communities, assets, and infrastructure.

JAHEZIYA facilities offer a world-class platform to simulate all types of potential threats and emergencies. Through scenario-based training of single and multiple events, professionals across agencies can cooperate, communicate, and interact with their counterparts.

JAHEZIYA is accredited and certified by ACTVET, TUV NORD, First Aid International, OPITO, JOIFF, NEBOSH, The General Directorate of Civil Defence Abu Dhabi (ADCD), and the Federal Transport Authority - Land & Maritime.

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Training Programs

Firefighting Courses

  • Basic Fire Fighting Training: This course is designed for workers who may face exposure to a firefighting hazard. The course provides learners with the basic principles of fire combustion and actions to take on discovering a fire. It also discusses types of fire extinguishers and their operation, including the use of fire blankets and hose reels.
  • Advanced Fire Fighting Training: This course is for onshore and offshore personnel who require in-depth firefighting knowledge. The course provides personnel designated as fire-team members / advanced firefighters with the knowledge and skills required to undertaking firefighting operations. It emphasizes organization, tactics, and command.
  • Fire Warden with Fire Extinguisher User Training: This course provides training to any person responsible for evacuating people from a building / area during an emergency situation. Students learn the basic principles of fire combustion, what actions to take on discovering a fire, and how to manage the evacuation of all persons from the delegates' designated areas during a fire or other emergency.

Fire & Rescue Courses

  • Auxiliary Fire Fighting: This training course is designed to educate new firefighting candidates on the basics of fire and fire response. They will become familiar with incipient and developing fire scenarios, and how to properly manage the scene as a team. The course is for those who would deal with incidents at the incipient stage, and provides them with knowledge of basic fire behaviour, extinguishers, hoses, water supply, sprinkler systems, and safety orientation, as well as how to salvage, overhaul, and protect evidence.
  • NFPA 1072, 2017 Hazardous Materials Awareness: The Hazardous Materials Awareness course is designed for those personnel (fire, police, EMS, and industry) who may be first on the scene of a hazardous materials emergency. The content includes awareness-level information that is mandated by OSHA and EPA regulations, and is recommended by national standards.
  • NFPA 1072, 2017 Hazardous Materials Operations: This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills required by first responders to perform duties related to Hazardous Material Reponses. The course meets some of the JPRs of NFPA 1072: Standard for Hazardous Materials / Weapons of Mass Destruction Emergency Response Personnel Professional Qualifications 2017 Edition.
  • NFPA 1001, 2013 Professional Fire Fighter Levels 1 & 2: This course delivers a comprehensive firefighting experience of 11 weeks, during which participants will acquire the underpinning knowledge, skills and understanding required by fire fighters to perform their duties.
  • Pumping Apparatus Driver / Operator: his course is geared towards drivers/operators who are responsible for operating apparatus equipped with fire pumps. It tackles the general principles of pump operations and the application of those principles where feasible.
  • NFPA 1081, Industrial Fire Brigade - Incipient: This course is based on NFPA 1081: Standard for Industrial Fire Brigade Member Professional Qualifications. It is geared towards persons who seek the knowledge and skills to function as members of an organized industrial fire brigade, providing services at a specific facility or site.
  • NFPA 1041, 2019 Fire Service Instructor: This course is based on NFPA 1041: Standard for Fire Service Instructor Professional Qualifications. It is designed for individuals who want to develop the knowledge and ability to deliver instructions effectively from a prepared lesson plan, with the use of instructional aids and evaluation instruments.

Marine STCW Training

Offshore / OPITO Training

  • Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training
  • Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training
  • Travel Safely By Boat Training
  • Further Offshore Emergency Training
  • Tropical Further Offshore Emergency Training
  • Basic Hydrogen Sulphide Training
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape Training and Sea Survival Training
  • HDA and Helicopter Landing Officer [Hlo] & Helicopter Emergency Response Team Leader [HERTL] Training
  • Sea Survival Training
  • Helicopter Underwater Escape & Sea Survival Training

HSE Training

  • Confined Space Entry Training
  • H2S Awareness Including Gas Testing Training
  • Gas Testing Awareness Training
  • Permit To Work Training
  • Working Safely Training
  • Health and Safety at Work Training
  • Fire Warden Training
  • Defensive Driving Training
  • Risk Assessment Training
  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Training

First Aid Courses

  • Emergency First Aid Training
  • First Aid at Work Training
  • Basic Life Support and the Safe Use of an Automated External Defibrillator Training
  • Emergency First Aid at Work, Defibrillation and CPR Training

Specialized Training

  • Auxiliary Fire Fighting
  • HUET Including Dinghy Drill
  • Mark 50 Lifejacket Training with CA Emergency Breathing System
  • Basic NBCD Training

Offsite / Mobile Training

  • Workshop - Fire Awareness - Via Mobile Training Unit
  • Emergency First Aid Training - Via Mobile Training Unit
  • Basic Firefighting Training - Via Mobile Training Unit
  • Fire Warden with Fire Extinguisher User Training - Via Mobile Training Unit