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ISM, ISPs, and Other Maritime Security and Crisis Management Training in the UK and UAE

neptune p2p group training

Neptune P2P Group was established in 2016 after a merger of Neptune Security Group and Port2Port Maritime Security. Both companies retain their brands and remain separate legal entities albeit they are now wholly owned subsidiaries of the Group. Neptune Maritime Security was established in 2009 and Port2Port was established in 2011. Also in 2017 Port2Port and LPC partnered together to create Port2Port LPC France SAS. The group is now headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

The group’s security awareness training courses are realistic, relevant and progressive makes sure your personnel are fully prepared, and able to work with confidence. Everything is tailored to the specifics of your organization and the environments you operate in. The training covers environmental and situational awareness, understanding security threats, pre-travel security awareness, conflict management, crisis management, and medical first aid training.

ISM and ISPS Marine Safety Management training programs are available for marine offshore vessel operators, cruise line operators, or for those responsible for running a port or terminal. They conduct comprehensive safety and security audits and will have all security risks covered.

maritime security training p2p

Training Programs

ISPS Code Ship and Port Facility Training

  • Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO) Course
  • Understanding the ISPS code
  • Implementing the ISPS code
  • ISPS Port Facility Security Officer Training (PFSO)
  • ISPS Ship Security Officer Training (SSO)
  • ISPS Port Facility Security Assessment Training (PFSA)
  • ISPS Ship Security Assessment Training (SSA)
  • STCW Proficiency in Security Awareness (PSA)
  • STCW Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)

Maritime Security Training

  • Maritime security awareness and environmental familiarization
  • Piracy recognition and understanding security threats
  • Security procedures and emergency drills
  • Lockdown procedures and citadel familiarization
  • Access prevention, protective hardening materials and techniques
  • Emergency alerts and alarms and emergency Information reporting
  • Ship security watch routines and enhanced vigilance in high risk areas
  • Ship search procedures and stowaway search
  • Security exercises and emergency drills

Crisis Management Training

  • Crisis prevention and resilience
  • Understanding the threat and risk impact
  • Crisis Management Team
  • Crisis plans and Emergency Response procedures
  • Media management and preventing reputational damage
  • Welfare management and protecting the organization
  • Emergency communications
  • Security triggers and evacuation procedures
  • Medical Emergency Response procedures
  • Scenario training and emergency response exercises

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