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Maritime Codes & Convention, Maritime Law & Shipping Contracts, Maritime Business Management, and Offshore Structure Training Seminars in Dubai & Abu Dhabi


EuroMaTech is a highly successful training company specializing in organizational training markets. The company offers over 500 high quality public seminars each year that are up-to-date, performance-focused and delivered by leading industry experts and professional facilitators. EuroMaTech conduct trainings in areas such as - Management and Leadership, Oil and Gas, Finance and Accounting, HR, Project Management, Contract Management plus many more.

These seminars are held in many different popular locations around the world. EuroMaTech also provides in-company training which can be tailored to the company’s specific needs and has successfully run in excess of 400 in-company training seminars per year all over the world. EuroMaTech has been trading for 22 years and in that time have built successful, strategic relationships with the customers.

As well as outstanding training course content and training delivery, many satisfied participants really value the interactive and engaging approach style. This ensures delegates can debate, share and agree learning points with their peers for maximum effectiveness. EuroMaTech is a Marine Member with IMarEST (Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology).

euromatech maritime training

Training Programs

Maritime Training Seminars

  • International Maritime Codes & Convention (5 days): The training course aims to enable participants gain vital and in-depth knowledge on maritime industry regulations, covering all the major sectors from governance, to ship construction and navigation. Participants will learn how UNCLOS is a framework convention, the central nervous system of the marine regulatory landscape, supplemented and reinforced by additional codes, conventions, and organizations which will be further discussed in this course.  Topics include - Maritime Governance; Ship Design, Construction & Certification; Navigation, Voyage Planning & Cargo Handling; Maritime Safety & Security; and Environmental Management & Protection.
  • Maritime Law & Shipping Contracts (5 days): EuroMaTech’s Maritime Law & Shipping Contracts training course will provide participants with a sound understanding of the various aspects of Maritime Law, from carriage of goods by sea to international law and law of the sea. There will be an emphasis on the main aspects of Maritime Law, as it relates to the role of Ports and Pilotage in the maritime trade, and its obligations and liabilities under Maritime Law.
  • Maritime Business Management (5 days): This EuroMaTech training course on Maritime Business Management covers the essential areas of the Maritime Industry that affect the business decisions. Participants will acquire and develop essential knowledge of maritime organizations, maritime economics, law and insurance issues and financial management that will improve their skills and competence while at the same time updating them on the industry’s most recent trends and developments. The Program will provide a sound grounding and the knowledge to enable participants to seek positions of greater responsibility and progress into higher managerial and strategic positions.

Offshore Training Seminars

  • Offshore Structure Design, Construction, Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (5 days): This EuroMaTech training course will cover all types of fixed offshore structures and, in the case of fixed platforms, applications of these principles. The use of current, applicable engineering methods in the design of fixed offshore platforms will be explored. The overall objective is to provide participants with an understanding of the design, construction and risk based maintenance for offshore platforms, specifically, the theory and process of such design.

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