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What is STCW Basic Training (Basic Safety Training) Renewal Course? - IMO STCW Courses

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STCW Basic (Safety) Training Renewal or Refresher Course Descriptions, Eligibility, Validity and Other Details for Seafarers

STCW Basic Training (BT) formerly known as STCW Basic Safety Training (BST) is a minimum requirement for seafarers looking for commercial work aboard vessels over 24 meters and also employed or engaged in any capacity on board ship at all levels such as deck and engine room rating qualifications, for most navigation, and all engineering certificates of competency. These certificates is applicable for all vessels under STCW regulations.

With the implementation of the STCW Manila Amendments 2010, delegates must provide evidence of having the competencies by completing refresher training every 5 years, as described in the STCW Code 1978, as amended section VI-1 Table A-VI/1.

STCW Basic Training Refresher (renewal) course is designed to provide you with a refresher of Personal Survival Techniques (PST) as set out in table A-VI/1-1 and Fire Prevention and Fire-Fighting (FPFF) as set out in table A-VI/1-2, and it is required for commercial maritime seafarers who already hold the STCW Basic Safety Training certificates.

Validity: The certificates are valid for 5 years and require refresher (update) training every five years.

Basic Safety Training Refresher Training Courses

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BST Refresher Compulsory Courses

Delegates may also get an overview of the following BST courses:

Basic Training (BST) Refresher Training Online

SQLearn Liberian Registry approved Basic Training Refresher Course is a perfect choice for revalidation of the certification and is suitable to renew your STCW certificate without attending a course physically. Complete the course at your own time and place & save time and money with asynchronous e-learning. All you need is an internet-enabled device available (desktop /laptop /tablet /smartphone) and a few days to complete the course online.

STCW Basic Refresher (Renewal) Online

 For more info on the course, you may visit our SQLearn section

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