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Summer Jobs and Internships, Graduate Positions & Career Opportunities for Experienced Professionals in Maritime Classification & Risk.

Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd

DNV GL (Det Norske Veritas Germanischer Lloyd) is an independent foundation with the purpose of safeguarding life, property, and the environment. The history goes back to 1864, when the foundation was established in Norway to inspect and evaluate the technical condition of Norwegian merchant vessels. The company has developed rules and standards for ships for over a century, and is a world leading classification society. DNV GL also develops rules and standards for the other industries such as the offshore industry, particularly within oil and gas field development, production and transportation. DNV GL helps the maritime industry manage risk in all phases of a ship’s life, through ship classification, statutory certification, fuel testing and a range of technical, business risk, financial and competency-related services. Fouded in 1867, the Germanischer Lloyd SE was a classification society based in Germany and ceased to exist as an independent entity in 2013 as a result of its merger with  DNV to become DNV GL.

Ship classification entails verification against a set of requirements during design, construction and operation of ships and offshore units. These requirements are based on the accumulated experience from DNV GL’s large classed fleet, research and development, and almost 140 years of experience. The company surveyors stationed around the world work with customers to ensure compliance throughout the lifetime of each classified object. Maritime Solutions delivers technology and business risk consulting services for customers in the maritime industry.

DNV GL has a network of 300 offices in about 100 countries, and about 9,000 employees worldwide. The employees participate in international projects, and there are possibilities to work overseas on a short-term or long-term basis. The company values the mobility and flexibility of its people to work in different locations and in different fields of work. 6,575 employees have a bachelor, master or doctorate education level. That is 79% of the staff, a figure rising with new recruitment.

DNV GL Career Opportunities

  • Summer Jobs and Internships (Students): The company offers summer jobs and internships in selected countries in areas such as Maritime, Oil & Gas, Energy, Software, IT, Finance or HR. The opportunities are for 4th year bachelor or master students to get a hands-on experience and, will be given different challenges in the professional environments.
  • Graduate Positions: If you are a university fresher, or have one year left of your degree, the firm offers a great career choice along with the very best training on offer. The company offers you the opportunity to develop your competence on a global stage, enjoy a flexible working environment, and social and professional events through networks like Young in DNV GL.
  • Opportunities for Experienced Professionals: DNV GL offers vibrant internal job market that makes it possible to move between jobs and into new fields where you can use your expertise in a different way. By working with DNV GL, you will have many opportunities to work outside your home country on both short and long-term assignments. The company also run internal innovation projects, joint industry projects and collaborate with top universities all over the world.

DNV Career Development

  • Training and Development: The company offers a wide range of training and development programs. The different business areas are responsible for training in the technical fields, and they have dedicated training units and academies.
  • Manager Development Program: They has a common Manager Development Program for managers at different levels as well as different sales, communication and finance courses. DNV GL’s course catalogue includes more than 170 courses, which gives you as an employee, ample opportunities for further education and development.
  • International Mentoring Program: There are several different mentoring programs, which are all designed for the participants to get coaching from experienced managers, develop their skills and to increase their network in the organization. The mentoring programs offer development opportunities to different employee groups. The formal technical training program in Maritime includes mentoring.
  • International Opportunities: A specific job rotation program allows newly hired employees to go through a 3-6 months induction period and then work abroad for 1-2 years before returning to their home country. A ‘knowledge booster’ program is created to stimulate knowledge sharing across units and countries by having DNV employees working abroad. The employees get a short term assignment in a DNV GL office abroad. The assignment should be linked to both project work and specific training initiatives.
  • Developing Technical Talent: DNV has developed a training program designed for employees pursuing a technical career. The program is geared towards highly recognized technical experts with a PhD or MSc, a minimum 10 years of relevant experience and at least two years employment with the company. The program, named Top Tech, is a collaboration between the company and the University of California, Berkeley, and the program is run at the Berkeley campus.

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