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UK MCA Oral Prep Training Programs for OOW 3000gt and Master Master 500/3000gt Online and in Cowed, Isle of Wight, UK

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Located in Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK, Freds Oral Prep is the training arm of the Fred Wilson Marine Company. Freds Oral Prep provides online, app based and class-based training programs for the UK MCA oral exams preparation for the aspiring candidates. The courses are broken down into several modules and the notes and quizzes will ensure the you’ve retained the information.

With over 97% pass rate overall, Freds Oral Prep trains students for their Master and OOW orals, and also other courses which are required such as navigation and Radar through app-based instruction. The oral prep programs include quizzes, class-room prep courses, videos and more.

Physical classes are provided at their facility in Cowes, Isle of Wight and when not possible, webinars are arranged from time to time according the class schedules classes.

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Training Programs

MCA Orals Prep Courses

  • OOW Online Prep Course App Based (OOW 3000gt - Yacht): It is full OOW prep course recorded with 35.5 hrs of streaming videos, 341 printable notes, suggested flashcards and 469 quiz questions. Primarily it’s for Yacht MCA OOW 3000gt, however, the syllabus is common across all oral exams therefore will also benefit Master 200gt, OOW Unlimited, Chief Mate Unlimited and Master 500/3000gt.
  • OOW Immersive Prep Course: This course is a super immersive blended 2-week OOW course. Firstly, they will send you pre-reading in the form of a kindle / OOW eBook / study list / quizzes /Fred's quiz app from the apple store etc, to make sure you have the right tools to study effectively and efficiently. The progress is tracked with online quizzes, to make sure you are focused and prepared. You are then fully immersed in the classroom with all the various study props and up-to-date publications.
  • Master Online Prep Course: This course is for Master 500/3000gt yacht who want to pass their exam first time online.

Other Programs

  • Free Webinars
  • Quiz App
  • Nav & Radar App
  • And more

LAST UPDATED ON Dec 15, 2021