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Small Vessel Fabrication and Repair Education at HCC Marine Education and Training Center, Sand Island & Pearl Harbor Apprenticeship Training

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As one of eight schools comprising the University of Hawaii Community College System, Honolulu Community College (HCC) has evolved into a fully comprehensive community college. The Main Campus, a short distance from the heart of Honolulu on Dillingham Boulevard, offers liberal arts instruction leading to a two-year Associate in Arts degree, allowing students to transfer credits to achieve junior class standing at four-year higher education institutions within the State.

The college also has facilities near Honolulu International Airport, at Kalaeloa Airport (Kapolei), on Kokea Street, and at Sand Island that currently offer Associate in Science, Associate in Applied Science, and Associate in Technical Studies degrees. Certificate programs in more than twenty Career and Technical Education areas that are integrated with a strong general education “core’’ help Honolulu CC provide an educated citizenry for the workforce of the State of Hawai‘i.

HCC Marine Education and Training Center offers state of the art training equipment and facilities, as well as outstanding personnel. The training facility is located right where the action is, at Keehi Lagoon. Four huge work bays accommodate marine vessels up to 40 feet in length and there are modern classrooms and a working waterfront environment. This means the vessels can be hauled out and launched, masts can be stepped, and repairs actually made in the water. These entire special features contribute to the HCC Marine Education and Training Center's ranking as the premier training facility in the United States.

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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Technical Programs

  • AAS Degree in Small Vessel Fabrication and Repair (MARR) (2 years - 66 credits): The Small Vessel Fabrication & Repair program is a two-year Associate in Applied Science program whose main goal is to prepare individuals for employment in the boat maintenance, repair, and manufacturing industries. Students work on a variety of “real world” repair, service and construction projects. Hands-on instruction is provided in composite boat construction and repair, marine woodworking and joinery, lofting, plug and mold construction and marine spray painting systems. Boat yard operation skills are practiced year round including marine straddle-lift operation, crane operation, forklift and hydraulic trailer operation. There are also courses that focus on the rigging, mechanical, plumbing, propulsion, and electrical systems of boats.
  • Certificate of Achievement in Small Vessel Fabrication and Repair: This is a 2 semester 25 credits program which is part of the above AAS degree.
  • Pearl Harbor Apprenticeship Training - AAS Degree in Applied Trades (APTR): Students enrolled in the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard (PHNSY) Apprentice Program will be pursuing the Honolulu Community College Associate in Applied Science Degree. The primary purpose of the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard (PHNSY) Apprenticeship Program is to provide highly skilled journeymen, journey women, and future leaders in government. Apprenticeships are available periodically as determined by employment needs. PHNSY apprentices receive well-rounded academic study through Honolulu Community College held at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Training Facility, and paid structured work experience at the Shipyard which is applied toward an Associate in Applied Science degree in Applied Trades.

Marine Option Program (MOP)

  • MOP Certificate Program: Honolulu CC also participates in a System-wide undergraduate Marine Option Certificate Program (MOP). This program is designed to combine academic requirements with practical hands-on experience. MOP is open to any student regardless of major. Program requirements are: nine credits of course work in marine-related fields and a 2 credit-based marine skill project.