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Transport Canada Approved Small Non-Pleasure Vessel Operator Proficiency, Marine Emergency Duties, and Pleasure Craft Operator Card Training in Canada

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Located at Edson (Alberta) in Canada, ITE Training & Consulting is a Recognized Institute for Transport Canada Marine Personnel Training Courses & Certificates. ITE provides Transport Canada approved Commercial Marine Training, both classroom and hands on practical courses for crew and operators of commercial vessels, Spill Responders, SAR, Enforcement, Environmental, Government Agencies, Guides, Outfitters, Commercial Fishermen and Tour Boats.

ITE also provides Water Safety Services–construction, passenger transport, rescue, SAR, on vessels up to 60 gross tons; Water Safety Policies and Procedures; Spill Response Consulting; Marine Fleet Inspections (under 15 gross tons); Vessel Inspections and Safety Equipment recommendations; Vessel Fleet Maintenance Programs and Services (up to 5 gross tons); and River Reading and Swift Water Training Modules

ITE is also the sole provider of the Aqua-Dek Workboat exclusively designed and sold by ITE, a workboat designed for spill response, SAR and environmental surveys. ITE Training & Consulting is located at Edson, Alberta, Canada.

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Training Programs

Transport Canada Courses

  • Small Non-Pleasure Vessel Operator Proficiency (SVOP): A 4-day (26 hour) classroom course that is the minimum training required by operators of commercial workboats and passenger vessels, other than tugs and fishing vessels. Up to 5 gross tons engaged on a Near Coastal Class 2 Voyages (25 nautical miles from shore) or a Sheltered Water Voyages (most inland lakes and rivers) or Fishing vessels up to 15 gross tons (12 meters overall length) engaged on a Near Coastal Class 2 Voyages (25 nautical miles from shore) or a Sheltered Waters Voyages.
  • Small Domestic Vessel Basic Safety (SDV-BS): A one day (8 hours) classroom course for all crewmembers (including the operators) working on - Vessels up to 24 meters on Sheltered Water Voyages, Vessels up to 18 meters on a Voyage in Domestic Waters or Fishing Vessels up to 24 meters on a Voyage in Domestic Waters.

PCOC Courses

  • PCOC: Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate exam and/or classroom training for - Motorized pleasure craft operators, Operator and crew of small commercial vessels under 8 meters, workboats operating under 2 nautical miles from shore, or Passenger vessels under 8 meters and with up to 6 passengers on water bodies under 2 nautical miles across.

Other Courses

  • ITE Small Commercial Vessel Course: Usually a 2-day 14-hour course, the Small Commercial Vessel Course provides the PCOC plus the required knowledge and certification for the operation and crewing of commercial vessels under 8 meters operating under 2 nautical miles from shore. This classroom course is designed to deal with the shortcoming of knowledge in the PCOC and SDV-BS courses in meeting the needs of employers, operators and crew on workboats.
  • Practical On-Water Training: Spill Response Equipment Deployment, POB (Person OverBoard), River Reading, Air Boat Operation, and SAR searches

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Last Updated: Nov 21, 2022